You thought you understood the ever constant rise of florals in Spring fashion but according to European designers, in 2014 floral prints are anything but light and inviting. Instead prepare yourself for a slap in the face with deep shades and something more sinister. 

Textures are metallic and tones are gem like. Specifically sapphire. Sporty street style meets high fashion meets romanticism. And androgynous? Very. Did you expect anything else from me? I'm a sucker for high fashion pieces that can be sported by all sexes. 

Lets all put our hands together for this gorgeous, jaw dropping ensemble by designer Haider Ackermann. So sexy. So romantic. Yet edgy. My kind of man.

<--- Sapphire. Ruby. Black. Mixed patterns. Puffy sleeves. High cuffs. Understated scarf (we can see you, and we love you). Slick hair. And tattoos. Those tattoos! This look is brilliant. The harmonious combination of effort and effortless. With a dash of fashion of course. 

Whats a proper mens fashion article with out a couple of killer suits? Especially suits of the bronze and somewhat homeless looking varietal. SWOONING.

created by Dolce & Gabbana 
Wow. Wow. Wow. So simple yet the undeniable attention to detail is awe worthy. Have you looked at that collar? The wide V paired with  crisp white lines purposefully add a masculine quality while dragging your attention into the bronze jacket. Then we are treated to the smallest exposure of the bronze vest resting below. Such a tease! Let us see this man holding the blazer with that bronze vest exposed in all its glory. Front pleat? yes! White cuffs? yes! And those shoes? Stop it. Just stop it.

created by Yohji Yamamoto 
Now if you know me, and I think some of you do. You know my heart belongs to androgyny and somewhat homeless looking attire. Whether it be fashion forward or more of a street style approach. If you look like you know exactly what you're doing yet you embody an element of mess or chaos, I pretty much want to be your best friend. Instantly fell in love with this look and image. 

The loose fitting white tee. The baggy and loose fitting black suit. High cuffs for the win. Long white scarf hanging loose, as it should be. Casual shoes. A black fedora. And can we talk about that white beard? 

Ok, now not many of us would waltz around this word for our day to day activities sporting the previous three ensembles but this look is something I hope you all consider.

Sporty. Simple. Most likely comfortable. And still making a statement. I can totally envision myself in this outfit. I don't hate it. Sporty attire paired with perfect hair and makeup? I won't say no. 

Created by Kris Van Assche. 
I'm enjoying the bagginess of the pants that slightly come in towards the ankle and what am I seeing there? Higher cuffs. GET ON BOARD MEN. This is hot and in my opinion, screams confidence. 

European designers have definitely pushed the mark for Spring 2014. Just when I thought "Florals for spring? how unique", I was ransacked with these glorious collections. Its a reminder that fashion and design is an ever growing art and a form of creative expression. Past ideas CAN be recreated and morphed into something new. This is the first time, in a while, fashion has opened up my eyes to the idea of recreation while introducing something new.

Stay creative. Stay true to you. Most of all, STAY UGLY.
Every year Salt Lake City is captivated by local talent from local clothing boutiques, hair salons, makeup artists, models, photographers, and the bright lights and loud music that only comes along with a stellar fashion event. This year, we bring you The Runway!

Salt Lake City is forever growing and I'm beyond ecstatic that although I dwell in the land of the sun I am still able to help grow and promote an industry that inspires so much growth and individualism in my lovely hometown. There are are some brilliant and wonderful people behind The Runway making fashion dreams come true.

If you love fashion, personal style, and enjoy growing a community, you need to attend/be part of this fun event happening almost a week from now! So many amazing people have been working their butts off to make this fashion event a reality and through their hard work and dedication I have no doubt we will all be completely wowed by the experience. 

Come enjoy meeting The Runway event members, local sponsors, and enjoy an eye full of this years fashion looks. Its sure to be an amazing time!

Follow The Runway on Facebook, Instagram @therunwayslc, and Twitter
Holy suits. Holy beards. Holy where are these men in real life? With these gorgeous men to stare at I'm betting most of you aren't even reading this. Am I right? Seriously, I don't blame you. It won't hurt my feelings. I'm struggling to write this article myself. Maybe my most knee weakening, jaw dropping, heart racing article to date. Ok, I'll stop. 
I was exposed to this deliciousness via good old Esquire last week when they previewed the first view of the Suitsupply Spring/Summer 2014 collection in THIS article. 

The most fascinating and mind blowing part of this collection is the style in which it was launched. Models were placed in front of the iconic paintings of Rembrandt in the Rikjas Museum in Amsterdam. The colors and moods of the paintings served as a canvas for the suits themselves really bringing to life the colors and mood of the collection. 

"Rich tobaccos, soothing creams, mojito greens, and a melange of muted hues gave the trim tailoring a fresh edge." -Wendell Brown of Esquire. Couldn't agree with you more Wendell. 

While the colors and fabrics are strong the suits are surprisingly wearable and you'll find lots of 3 piece suits in this collection that are perfect for summer. The days of men casually wearing tailored blazers and vests are back! Out with the 90's band t-shirts and in with the tailored suits! Yes please.

So men, how many of you plan on rocking these pieces? You can't say no them. And, from a woman, neither can we. Bring it. We're ready.

Stay UGLY.
xo- SN
Emilio Pucci Resort 2014

Peter Dundas introduced his new collection to the world on June 12, 2013. Inspired for the wandering women, traveling the world with an effortless air about her. She's free and she's taking the world by storm. One place in particular on her agenda is the beach. This collection is oozing with a balance of lightweight summer essentials and high end fabrics, layers, and bright pops of color. These pieces are meant to be small and easily paired together. The designs, patterns, and line work do all the work for you. And how about those sandals? 

I'll be real with you for a minute. I"m not a fan of sandals but these babies are triggering my current mood for change. The heel version is right up my alley. Heels all day every please. I don't know about you but I'm DROOLING over the skirts you see below. They are absolute perfection. The fringe! The color! The high side rise! The high waist! Yes I'm singing right now. Down payment for a car or an Emilio Pucci Resort 2014 skirt? The real struggles in life. 
Still drooling by the way. The tomboy inside of me loves the idea of strolling around in skimpy little swim bottoms and an overly baggy top. Although as cool as the flat sandals look here I hope you all know I'd reach for the alternative heel. Also, can we talk about the accessories for a hot minute? Big watches + big wrist bands = instant win. Boy accents meets "yeah I can rock these bikini bottoms." I'm ok with everything thats happening here.

<----- What in the world. My jaw literally dropped when I saw this piece. I NEED IT. Sorry car down payment. This is just too good to say no to. Lets just start counting the ways shall we? 1- top that resembles a bikini top that not only hugs the ribs beautifully but also accentuates collar bones. You can NEVER go wrong with collar bones. 2- That pattern and color... if you think its over the top, we can't be friends. 3- The high waisted skirt and an exposed midriff. I might die. Its all the best things! Simple, elegant, uncontrived, and unique. 

Notice the big watch? Thats right friends. Keep your bulky accessories rolling even when you're wearing the longest dress you've ever owned. 

Well hey there you babe. This beach goddess and elegant lady we've encountered has stunned us all with her bright and colorful ensemble that somehow feels like she might be into the 90's, loves rock and roll, and might be dating far too many musicians. 

She'll keep you on your toes and you'll never be able to keep her in one place for too long. There are too many places to explore and the world really needs to see these pants. Any girl who's comfortable rocking those beauties is a keeper in my book. Daring yet still so simple and comfortable. 

I'm really really hoping the blue and black crop top is a tank. If so, I'll definitely be purchasing that too. The jacket seems to have a velvet aspect to it and the way the hem of the jacket meets the high waisted pants creates a "legs for days" look and a flattering midriff. SO GOOD.

Last but not least, those heels. Just when I thought I was done drooling those babies had to tug at my heart strings. They are perfect. They expose all the right places, accentuate the arch, and the mixture of matte black and a pop of seafoam makes me long for a long day at the beach followed by a fancy dinner where I can rock these beauties with my new sun kissed skin. 
I don't know about you but I need a little more Emilio Pucci in my life. 
And heck, I might just become The Wandering Woman.

*All photos are credited and can be found via the first link in the article.

Stay UGLY you babes.
Oh hey Christoph. For real though, thank you Prada. Thank you. 

Normally I serve you a dose of fashion every friday but I think doing an occasional "Hottie Shout Out" is necessary for us fashion addicts. Alas, welcome to a new category of Fashion Drunk posts. Aesthetically pleasing people rocking threads from our favorite and most inspirational fashion brands. Prada never ceases to amaze and deliver but add Christoph Waltz to the mix and magic happens. Is it Fall yet? Ladies, as much as we love our men in t-shirts, jeans, and rocking killer beards, you all know you can't wait for that chill in the air that is the undeniable sign your man will start dressing in layers. We're talking sweaters, blazers, and Prada suits. Okay okay, maybe not Prada suits. But we would totally be ok with it. 

Christoph, thanks for the oh-so-serious Vogue faces. 

First of all, I have a really good reason for this article being a few hours late. I was too busy drooling all over my keyboard at the sight of 1- unapologetic curve hugging swimmies that scream "Tell me about it... stud," and 2- Ashley Green. Enough said right? Holy moses. If she wasn't on your girl crush list already then she definitely just made your top 5.

Lets get down to business. Since the beginning of time (yes, the beginning of time) a high waisted bottom paired with a bra-esque top has deemed itself classic and retro. How can you possibly go wrong with a printed two piece that is reminiscent of days long past where summer nights were spent on the beach with a campfire, your parents mustang, a fire pit, loud music, and a six pack. Sure these events still occur today but it just isn't the same. Its rare that you walk the beach these days and find a classic, elegant woman such as what you see here roaming the sand. Its unfortunate really. And don't get it twisted, I'm not saying you need to style your hair glamour style and rock a red lip at the beach by any means. But maybe drink a glass of class before you leave the house. 

<--- Black. The ultimate indulgence. The effortless ensemble. Am I right? This particular suit is amazing for making your legs look longer and leaner. Won't lie, I'm not 100% crazy about the top but hey it looks comfortable and thats always nice too.

Now if you're anything like me, you LOVE to get all done up for the pool. You will more likely than not see me rocking a bright lip, big shades, and plenty of accessories with my rentro swimmie. I can't help myself ok? Just let me run with this. 

I've been in love with navy suits for as long as I can remember. There is something so calm yet romantic about a darling little navy number. Not to mention it makes me weak in the knees. If these two images ---------------------> aren't inspiring for this trend, I don't know what is. Have you encountered better bug-eye sunglasses in your entire life? Swooning over here my friends. 

Now breathe please. I know these last two images are literally jaw dropping but I'm going to need you to hold it together for a second here. Prints?? Metallics?? Holy I've died and gone to swimmie-fashion-beach-summer heaven. Wherever this cardigan meets retro bikini look came from, we thank you with full hearts. Normally I'm hopelessly infatuated with grunge trends and boy clothes but this whole "innocent yet hot girl-next-door" summer vibe is totally pulling at my heart strings. In other words, even though I roam in the scorching desert I fully plan on purchasing a cardigan to throw over my retro bikini. Fake it 'til you make it ladies.

Where you can find a retro piece of your own...

Everything But Water 
Nasty Gal 

xo- SN




To know there are people who care about the world we live in, the animals who live here with us, and the fact that maybe if something is fast, cheap, or hurts other humans or animals it isn't worth it. I definitely sleep better at night folks. 

It doesn't hurt that the bags they create are gorgeous, classic, and timeless. Now, if only my bank account could get behind this. I'd be a very happy woman. For now, I'll do what I can to promote an awesome company doing something my head and heart can understand. Apparently I CAN have my cake and eat it too! One day. At least I know its out there. 


All the products from freedomofanimals.com are ethically sourced, consciously made, produced in the USA, and are cruelty free. To top it off, no harsh chemicals are used in the process of producing products. 

I can't begin to express how important this process and mentality is to me. In a world where we want EVERYTHING faster, cheaper, and readily available, it is heart warming to know there are some bad ass people out there making a difference. 
Now please. Head on over to their website FREEDOMofANIMALS and swoon like I am!
*All images are credited here and here 

xo- SN

Haunting Features

Beauty has been inspiring the fashion world just as strongly as fashion has for makeup. In my personal and professional opinion, they go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other. Its quite romantic really. The accentuate each other. They bring out the best in each other. Each sets a mood that the other carries whimsically to the next level. What would this collection be without the thought out and perfectly executed hair and makeup design? What would have inspired this look had it not been for the dreamers, the go-getters, and talented clothing designers? Thats where my head and heart are when It comes to this stunning beauty look created for Lisa Ho at Sydney Fashion week s/s 2013 by MAC makeup artists.

Nothing about this look is a perfect accident or beautiful coincidence. Each texture, each shadow, each subtle or bold pop of color is exactly what it wants to be.

Who is this woman?
She's wild, alive, and not afraid to love. She's confidant, adventurous, and she'll take you with her because she wants you and you will want her. She's electric and you can't say no. 

She's humble yet the definition of femininity. She moves around this world unaware of all the eyes watching her natural beauty and grace.

  • Even matte complexion with intense placement of dewy highlights.
  • Subtly filled in brows.
  • Red lips with a candy shine and two-tone fade.
  • Hollowed and contoured eyes with rich golden tones.
  • Subtle black lashes. 

*All photos credited HERE
xo- SN

Distressed. High-Waisted. Short. Light. Dark. D E N I M.

Summer is here my friends. If you haven't jumped on the denim shorts wagon, your bad. 

Being someone who has despised her legs the majority of her life (yes, even when I walked EVERY WHERE for two years without a car and worked out 5-6 days a week) the whole short shorts thing just never sounded even remotely appealing. I woke up one day and said "what the hell!" and cut up a pair of beat up GStar jeans I owned into distressed shorts. Best idea ever you goose. Despite my "go for it!" attitude those shorts have stayed safely tucked away in my closet. Until now...

I'm pushing myself. You only live once and apparently this is as good as it gets so I plan on living it up and purchasing or creating some killer summer shorts. A few of my favorite places to purchase shorts are as follows: Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal, Nordstrom, Romwe, or I search for brands and styles via Polyvore. I am going to have an experiment soon and thrift for some old levi's that I can cut up and distress on my own. 
Oh boy...

Whether you like your jeans clean and folded or torn up and grungy you can guarantee everyone is going to be loving them. They are just fabulous. In my opinion its a staple piece in anyones closet right now. 


The photo above and this beauty here ------> 
Are perfect styling combinations. How delicious is that sequin sensation (blazer) paired with the high-waisted/pockets exposed distressed shorts? AND a red lipstick just to top it off. In love.
Then you have this perfect modern women meets 90's influence with the low shooting vneck on the white blouse tucked into cleanly folded high waisted jeans adorned by a black belt and topped off with a blush pink shoulder padded blazer. I see those shoulder pads! You aren't fooling anyone. But honey, it looks so good. A killer pair of boots and bun and this girls in.
This article just wouldn't be complete without a tribute to the lovely Alexa Chung. She continuously pairs fabulous pieces together to create killer ensembles that simultaneously scream "oh this old thing?" Alexa, we get it. You don't really even need to try. 

High waisted shorts. Long sleeve printed blouse thats buttoned all the way up. Uncontrived locks. Bold black sunglasses. Sheer dark tights. Matte black high shoes. Iced coffee. Black bowler bag. And a casual grey hoodie because she can. Apparently its that easy my friends. Just take some notes.

  1. Topshop high-waisted shorts 
  2. JCrew polka dot top
  3. Anthropologie sheer black tights
  4. Black wedge booties
  5. Black bowler bag
  6. Oversized black sunglasses
Now I don't know about you but I can't wait to slide into a pair of these babies. And with that I'm off to roam the desert! Happy shorts hunting and please, let me know what summer pieces you just can't live without!

xo -SN
When it comes to fashion, style, and making a purchase I'd like to know who I'm REALLY supporting and why. I'm the same way with the food I eat. I want to know where it was produced, I prefer if its local and organic, and if I can't pronounce any of the ingredients I usually don't buy it. Don't worry, this isn't as drastic as a 'Portlandia' episode but its pretty damn close my friends. Wouldn't it feel amazing to know that the clothes and accessories you're buying aren't being mass produced overseas in a factory somewhere? And that the person creating your piece is being treated with the respect they deserve for their hard work with fair labor, good pay, health benefits, and a safe working environment? I sure know I think about these things and really, I hope you do too. Here is a looksy on a few fashion companies out there aiming to do good things for this earth and the people who hang here.

American Apparel

Head to the link attached to the above photo and read about American Apparels Vertical Integration. Its a pretty rad process if I do say so myself. Design, marketing, accounting, retail, and distribution all under one roof in LA? That's got to be one large building. Not only does this keep/create 5,000 jobs for people in the US, it eliminates the possibility of redundancies in the supply chain, and it contributes millions of dollars to the state and country's tax base, as well as supporting the local economy . Their workers make between $12-$14 an hour (almost double the current minimum wage) and because of this they have strong employee morale and high retention rates of skilled operators. 
Want to know what else American Apparel is all about? FAIR LABOR. Can I get a HELL YES? 
1- Sewers start at $12hr which is $25,000 a year with room to grow!
2- Parking and subsidized public transit
3- Subsidized lunches and free on-site massages
                                                                 4- A bike lending program
                                                                 5- PTO! 
And more importantly, they offer job security and full-time employment. They have an on-site medical clinic and offer their employees company-subsidized affordable health insurance. What makes me smile even more is that as the company grows they are continuously striving to better the working environment  growth opportunities and benefits for their employees. 

Check out a few other things AA is supporting!
1- Legalize Gay and Legalize LA
2- Organic Products 


The beginning of February marked a very important change for H&M. Recycling! Yeah they aren't perfect... but at least they are trying to do some good. That deserves a small shout out. 
H&M now has a recycling program where depending on the shape of your garments and how many, they will offer you an in-store credit when you bring in gently used items to recycle. They up cycle these pieces into  new items such as newer trendy garments, household towels, textiles for damping and insulating materials for the auto industry, and sometimes just pure energy baby. 

Long live fashion indeed. 

find real companies making real change...

Head on over to ECOFASHIONWORLD.COM and find new sustainable fashion companies under the BRANDS section. Here you can find brands that fit your personal style and you can feel good, and I mean really good, about how you are using the power of your dollar. This is our world and we need to take care of it, and most importantly we need to take care of each other. Shop sustainable and if not, at least be aware of what you are supporting and what you're not. 

Last but not least, SHOP LOCAL! For the love. Don't make me slap you. Why wouldn't you want to drive your community and support the business that offer amazing products and ultimately help home feel like home. Whenever I'm home in SLC I make sure to stop by these places!
*photo taken by myself in January 2012


Run by two amazing people, brother and sister, Ian and Helen. They offer trend pieces with the perfect balance of casual meets high fashion. Can you really ask for more? The store is always maintained and switched around for our viewing pleasure and they are continuously trying to find ways to improve their location and offer the best possible products. My boyfriend always stocks up when we are home. I'm a starving artist otherwise I would join in on the spending party. I snag a few killer pieces and to this day they are my favorites. They are one of the fabulous 9th and 9th stops. Check them out!


This place sells high quality pieces without breaking your wallet. Sure, there are some expensive pieces in here but I promise they are worth it! I bought a killer black blazer that was on the sale rack and to this day I still hang it in my "nicer stuff" sections of my closet. You know, the articles of clothing you embarrassingly baby and only bust out on special occasions. They carry lots of different styles and I LOVE their jewelry. 


I remember the days when I was a poor server still paying a college tuition yet I continuously found myself roaming around in Bastille wondering how and when I was going to purchase my next pair of GStar jeans. If you want the best clothes on the planet and aren't afraid of busting your wallet, head here. You won't be disappointed. 

I'll be honest. I've never been here. Sounds like something I need to check out! Who wouldn't want to buy art, get their hair done and snag a new outfit? 

And that brings this weeks Fashion Drunk article to a clothes. See what I did there? Ok ok... to a close. Do you know the power of your dollar? Do you know who/what you're supporting and why? As I've heard many of you fashionistas say "your style tells the world who you are." All I can hope is that through my style you can see (besides being clearly badass and awesome) that I care and that I'm educated and aware. Such a poet.
For the record, I know many of you don't pick up on my dry humor. I'm more of a smart ass than any of those wonderful things above. Thanks for hanging with me today and I'll chat your fashionable ear off next Fri!

*All photos are linked and credited.