To know there are people who care about the world we live in, the animals who live here with us, and the fact that maybe if something is fast, cheap, or hurts other humans or animals it isn't worth it. I definitely sleep better at night folks. 

It doesn't hurt that the bags they create are gorgeous, classic, and timeless. Now, if only my bank account could get behind this. I'd be a very happy woman. For now, I'll do what I can to promote an awesome company doing something my head and heart can understand. Apparently I CAN have my cake and eat it too! One day. At least I know its out there. 


All the products from are ethically sourced, consciously made, produced in the USA, and are cruelty free. To top it off, no harsh chemicals are used in the process of producing products. 

I can't begin to express how important this process and mentality is to me. In a world where we want EVERYTHING faster, cheaper, and readily available, it is heart warming to know there are some bad ass people out there making a difference. 
Now please. Head on over to their website FREEDOMofANIMALS and swoon like I am!
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xo- SN

05/31/2013 3:21pm

HOLY SHIT. Yes. Thank you for writing about this. I love when brands do well-designed, chic as shit (trademark, obviously) bags that aren't made out of cow's skin. Their bags kind of have a Victoria Beckham/The Row feel to them...which is a huge compliment to them, I think! And the bag you chose as your favorite is mine as well. Now. HOW ARE WE GOING TO GET $500 CASH MONEY?

06/04/2013 11:13am

Haaaa. Seriously girl. I'm in love with their pieces!! The price points are scary but I love what they stand for :)


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