Distressed. High-Waisted. Short. Light. Dark. D E N I M.

Summer is here my friends. If you haven't jumped on the denim shorts wagon, your bad. 

Being someone who has despised her legs the majority of her life (yes, even when I walked EVERY WHERE for two years without a car and worked out 5-6 days a week) the whole short shorts thing just never sounded even remotely appealing. I woke up one day and said "what the hell!" and cut up a pair of beat up GStar jeans I owned into distressed shorts. Best idea ever you goose. Despite my "go for it!" attitude those shorts have stayed safely tucked away in my closet. Until now...

I'm pushing myself. You only live once and apparently this is as good as it gets so I plan on living it up and purchasing or creating some killer summer shorts. A few of my favorite places to purchase shorts are as follows: Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal, Nordstrom, Romwe, or I search for brands and styles via Polyvore. I am going to have an experiment soon and thrift for some old levi's that I can cut up and distress on my own. 
Oh boy...

Whether you like your jeans clean and folded or torn up and grungy you can guarantee everyone is going to be loving them. They are just fabulous. In my opinion its a staple piece in anyones closet right now. 


The photo above and this beauty here ------> 
Are perfect styling combinations. How delicious is that sequin sensation (blazer) paired with the high-waisted/pockets exposed distressed shorts? AND a red lipstick just to top it off. In love.
Then you have this perfect modern women meets 90's influence with the low shooting vneck on the white blouse tucked into cleanly folded high waisted jeans adorned by a black belt and topped off with a blush pink shoulder padded blazer. I see those shoulder pads! You aren't fooling anyone. But honey, it looks so good. A killer pair of boots and bun and this girls in.
This article just wouldn't be complete without a tribute to the lovely Alexa Chung. She continuously pairs fabulous pieces together to create killer ensembles that simultaneously scream "oh this old thing?" Alexa, we get it. You don't really even need to try. 

High waisted shorts. Long sleeve printed blouse thats buttoned all the way up. Uncontrived locks. Bold black sunglasses. Sheer dark tights. Matte black high shoes. Iced coffee. Black bowler bag. And a casual grey hoodie because she can. Apparently its that easy my friends. Just take some notes.

  1. Topshop high-waisted shorts 
  2. JCrew polka dot top
  3. Anthropologie sheer black tights
  4. Black wedge booties
  5. Black bowler bag
  6. Oversized black sunglasses
Now I don't know about you but I can't wait to slide into a pair of these babies. And with that I'm off to roam the desert! Happy shorts hunting and please, let me know what summer pieces you just can't live without!

xo -SN

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