When it comes to fashion, style, and making a purchase I'd like to know who I'm REALLY supporting and why. I'm the same way with the food I eat. I want to know where it was produced, I prefer if its local and organic, and if I can't pronounce any of the ingredients I usually don't buy it. Don't worry, this isn't as drastic as a 'Portlandia' episode but its pretty damn close my friends. Wouldn't it feel amazing to know that the clothes and accessories you're buying aren't being mass produced overseas in a factory somewhere? And that the person creating your piece is being treated with the respect they deserve for their hard work with fair labor, good pay, health benefits, and a safe working environment? I sure know I think about these things and really, I hope you do too. Here is a looksy on a few fashion companies out there aiming to do good things for this earth and the people who hang here.

American Apparel

Head to the link attached to the above photo and read about American Apparels Vertical Integration. Its a pretty rad process if I do say so myself. Design, marketing, accounting, retail, and distribution all under one roof in LA? That's got to be one large building. Not only does this keep/create 5,000 jobs for people in the US, it eliminates the possibility of redundancies in the supply chain, and it contributes millions of dollars to the state and country's tax base, as well as supporting the local economy . Their workers make between $12-$14 an hour (almost double the current minimum wage) and because of this they have strong employee morale and high retention rates of skilled operators. 
Want to know what else American Apparel is all about? FAIR LABOR. Can I get a HELL YES? 
1- Sewers start at $12hr which is $25,000 a year with room to grow!
2- Parking and subsidized public transit
3- Subsidized lunches and free on-site massages
                                                                 4- A bike lending program
                                                                 5- PTO! 
And more importantly, they offer job security and full-time employment. They have an on-site medical clinic and offer their employees company-subsidized affordable health insurance. What makes me smile even more is that as the company grows they are continuously striving to better the working environment  growth opportunities and benefits for their employees. 

Check out a few other things AA is supporting!
1- Legalize Gay and Legalize LA
2- Organic Products 


The beginning of February marked a very important change for H&M. Recycling! Yeah they aren't perfect... but at least they are trying to do some good. That deserves a small shout out. 
H&M now has a recycling program where depending on the shape of your garments and how many, they will offer you an in-store credit when you bring in gently used items to recycle. They up cycle these pieces into  new items such as newer trendy garments, household towels, textiles for damping and insulating materials for the auto industry, and sometimes just pure energy baby. 

Long live fashion indeed. 

find real companies making real change...

Head on over to ECOFASHIONWORLD.COM and find new sustainable fashion companies under the BRANDS section. Here you can find brands that fit your personal style and you can feel good, and I mean really good, about how you are using the power of your dollar. This is our world and we need to take care of it, and most importantly we need to take care of each other. Shop sustainable and if not, at least be aware of what you are supporting and what you're not. 

Last but not least, SHOP LOCAL! For the love. Don't make me slap you. Why wouldn't you want to drive your community and support the business that offer amazing products and ultimately help home feel like home. Whenever I'm home in SLC I make sure to stop by these places!
*photo taken by myself in January 2012


Run by two amazing people, brother and sister, Ian and Helen. They offer trend pieces with the perfect balance of casual meets high fashion. Can you really ask for more? The store is always maintained and switched around for our viewing pleasure and they are continuously trying to find ways to improve their location and offer the best possible products. My boyfriend always stocks up when we are home. I'm a starving artist otherwise I would join in on the spending party. I snag a few killer pieces and to this day they are my favorites. They are one of the fabulous 9th and 9th stops. Check them out!


This place sells high quality pieces without breaking your wallet. Sure, there are some expensive pieces in here but I promise they are worth it! I bought a killer black blazer that was on the sale rack and to this day I still hang it in my "nicer stuff" sections of my closet. You know, the articles of clothing you embarrassingly baby and only bust out on special occasions. They carry lots of different styles and I LOVE their jewelry. 


I remember the days when I was a poor server still paying a college tuition yet I continuously found myself roaming around in Bastille wondering how and when I was going to purchase my next pair of GStar jeans. If you want the best clothes on the planet and aren't afraid of busting your wallet, head here. You won't be disappointed. 

I'll be honest. I've never been here. Sounds like something I need to check out! Who wouldn't want to buy art, get their hair done and snag a new outfit? 

And that brings this weeks Fashion Drunk article to a clothes. See what I did there? Ok ok... to a close. Do you know the power of your dollar? Do you know who/what you're supporting and why? As I've heard many of you fashionistas say "your style tells the world who you are." All I can hope is that through my style you can see (besides being clearly badass and awesome) that I care and that I'm educated and aware. Such a poet.
For the record, I know many of you don't pick up on my dry humor. I'm more of a smart ass than any of those wonderful things above. Thanks for hanging with me today and I'll chat your fashionable ear off next Fri!

*All photos are linked and credited.


Linda Ptaschinski
05/03/2013 9:50am

Loved the article! Many years ago, when I was about your age, I shopped at the Chalk Garden. My favorite store. I didn't know they still existed. Where is the Co-op? I must check it out. Are they still in Trolley Square?

05/03/2013 1:00pm

I will find the address for you! I know its in Salt Lake. Perhaps we can visit it together when I'm home!


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