Oh hey Christoph. For real though, thank you Prada. Thank you. 

Normally I serve you a dose of fashion every friday but I think doing an occasional "Hottie Shout Out" is necessary for us fashion addicts. Alas, welcome to a new category of Fashion Drunk posts. Aesthetically pleasing people rocking threads from our favorite and most inspirational fashion brands. Prada never ceases to amaze and deliver but add Christoph Waltz to the mix and magic happens. Is it Fall yet? Ladies, as much as we love our men in t-shirts, jeans, and rocking killer beards, you all know you can't wait for that chill in the air that is the undeniable sign your man will start dressing in layers. We're talking sweaters, blazers, and Prada suits. Okay okay, maybe not Prada suits. But we would totally be ok with it. 

Christoph, thanks for the oh-so-serious Vogue faces. 


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