Emilio Pucci Resort 2014

Peter Dundas introduced his new collection to the world on June 12, 2013. Inspired for the wandering women, traveling the world with an effortless air about her. She's free and she's taking the world by storm. One place in particular on her agenda is the beach. This collection is oozing with a balance of lightweight summer essentials and high end fabrics, layers, and bright pops of color. These pieces are meant to be small and easily paired together. The designs, patterns, and line work do all the work for you. And how about those sandals? 

I'll be real with you for a minute. I"m not a fan of sandals but these babies are triggering my current mood for change. The heel version is right up my alley. Heels all day every please. I don't know about you but I'm DROOLING over the skirts you see below. They are absolute perfection. The fringe! The color! The high side rise! The high waist! Yes I'm singing right now. Down payment for a car or an Emilio Pucci Resort 2014 skirt? The real struggles in life. 
Still drooling by the way. The tomboy inside of me loves the idea of strolling around in skimpy little swim bottoms and an overly baggy top. Although as cool as the flat sandals look here I hope you all know I'd reach for the alternative heel. Also, can we talk about the accessories for a hot minute? Big watches + big wrist bands = instant win. Boy accents meets "yeah I can rock these bikini bottoms." I'm ok with everything thats happening here.

<----- What in the world. My jaw literally dropped when I saw this piece. I NEED IT. Sorry car down payment. This is just too good to say no to. Lets just start counting the ways shall we? 1- top that resembles a bikini top that not only hugs the ribs beautifully but also accentuates collar bones. You can NEVER go wrong with collar bones. 2- That pattern and color... if you think its over the top, we can't be friends. 3- The high waisted skirt and an exposed midriff. I might die. Its all the best things! Simple, elegant, uncontrived, and unique. 

Notice the big watch? Thats right friends. Keep your bulky accessories rolling even when you're wearing the longest dress you've ever owned. 

Well hey there you babe. This beach goddess and elegant lady we've encountered has stunned us all with her bright and colorful ensemble that somehow feels like she might be into the 90's, loves rock and roll, and might be dating far too many musicians. 

She'll keep you on your toes and you'll never be able to keep her in one place for too long. There are too many places to explore and the world really needs to see these pants. Any girl who's comfortable rocking those beauties is a keeper in my book. Daring yet still so simple and comfortable. 

I'm really really hoping the blue and black crop top is a tank. If so, I'll definitely be purchasing that too. The jacket seems to have a velvet aspect to it and the way the hem of the jacket meets the high waisted pants creates a "legs for days" look and a flattering midriff. SO GOOD.

Last but not least, those heels. Just when I thought I was done drooling those babies had to tug at my heart strings. They are perfect. They expose all the right places, accentuate the arch, and the mixture of matte black and a pop of seafoam makes me long for a long day at the beach followed by a fancy dinner where I can rock these beauties with my new sun kissed skin. 
I don't know about you but I need a little more Emilio Pucci in my life. 
And heck, I might just become The Wandering Woman.

*All photos are credited and can be found via the first link in the article.

Stay UGLY you babes.

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