The time has come. It’s getting colder and while people are pulling out their scarves, beanies and boots I’ve noticed something a little different than before…people are pulling out BIG coats. The style “oversized” is here, and I am a fan.

Lets get one thing straight, this doesn’t mean you can go out and buy just any coat two sizes larger than your true size. It really comes down to getting the right proportion and how you plan to wear it. For those who decide to give the trend a try, pair your oversized coat with a dress, some leggings, or add a belt and it just might all come together. 

Keep in mind that depending on your shape, you might be better off trying something longer than usual or wider than usual. You can still achieve the oversized look with either! 

Check out my favorite oversized inspirations below as well as my own creation!


Stay UGLY, everyone :)


10/27/2013 01:07:29 pm

This is GREAT trend news for me, because almost every coat is automatically oversized on me, haha.


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