Now the reason I say “obligatory” Chanel post is easy… in my realm, Chanel is everything, Chanel is the crème de la crème. If I didn’t feel that way, I would have never branded myself with the house logo. Over the years I’ve found that everything Karl Lagerfeld touches truly turns to magic, and that is a statement I will stand by until the day I die. 
The collection itself really was true to its genre, ready-to-wear. I found this surprising because a good portion of the time I think Chanel tends to be just a smidgen on the couture side, even for a ready-to-wear collection. However, this time felt a bit more real. Karl continued to use what seems to be his fabric of choice, tweed (or shall I say the fabric of choice for Chanel in it’s entirety), but these tweeds seemed to sparkle as the models flowed from one spot to another along the runway at The Grand Palais. I honestly saw myself pinching quite a few outfits right off of those pretty little things and wearing them to work tomorrow. I’m clearly living in a dream, thus the obsession with owning an entire wardrobe of Chanel and Chanel only. It could happen... I invite you to visit our Pinterest page to view more of my favorites from the Fall 2013 show, or for full coverage and then some. Au revoir! 

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