Next up on the Localista train is Ria Bouttier, a truly unique and in-your-face individual who oozes with sexy and mystique. I envy this girls ability to rock such a dark ensemble and turn around and make all the men swoon over her in a summer dress. Her style is difficult to describe, she’s often told that she is unapproachable, intimidating, or Gyp-set (jet setting gypsy). Personally she’d describe her style as post-apocalyptic. Ria gravitates towards witches, trannies, secret societies, and people like Quentin Tarantino and The Pope when it comes to her fashion influences. A pretty eclectic collection of humans! Her wardrobe is an assortment of  things from her sister’s closet, estate sales, and hand-me-downs. She also prefers to shop when she travels, because then it’s unique and has a good story behind it.

When designers started making items covered in spikes, she was pretty content because it meant that she didn’t have to do it herself… now that it’s a bit overdone she’s onto other trends, like face jewelry, or anything armor like. She loves to see people get weird with their outfits, the weirder the better! Her advice on fashion, “The only way to atone for occasionally being overdressed is by always being over educated”. Not only is Ria stylish when it comes to her wardrobe, but her exquisite taste in music. She’s a very sought after DJ and plays over at The Red Door and many other events around Salt Lake. 

Check her out at!
Carolyn Cook
7/23/2015 05:07:09 am

Can wit to meet you. Keep on doing it up!


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