At Ugly Magazine we're constantly searching for local fashionistas and lately have fallen in love with the trends we see our models wearing when they come to shoot the editorials and covers for our magazine. So, we wanted to introduce you to some of them and get a look at what inspires their collections!

Each week myself, along with photographer Armand Sanchez, will be sitting down with a local model to take a glance into his or her own wardrobe. This week we had the opportunity to meet with Sunflower Robinson. It was great to get a peek into her life and hear about what inspires her!
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We sat down with Sunflower over at our local favorite cafe, The Rose Estb. (400 w 235 s ) where we ordered a pot of tea and chatted about fashion and what inspires her. Sunflower's style is about being rock & roll with an 80's influence, and she loves men’s style with a biker edge

A lot of her unique pieces she finds at places like Savers and the DI as well as local vintage favorite, Decades. Sunflower's other favorites come from online at Nastygal and ASOS.

Sunflower has been modeling for a couple of years and most recently shot for Sophie St. Claire's collection featured at AMF (you can see the photos in our current issue or in AMF's brochure). It was so great meeting with Sunflower! We can’t wait to see what she does next in the modeling world!

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