You know... tuxedo's for women. HOT.
I've been on a rather vigorous hunt for the perfect lady tux ensemble. I am aiming to buy separate pieces from different lines so I can incorporate neon and print into my tuxedo look that I plan on wearing to my girlfriends wedding in May. I've found that unless I plan on spending $1,000 total on this outfit, I will be less than impressed. Seriously? Why do I naturally gravitate towards the high waisted skinny tux pants that are $432? That doesn't even make sense. But I'm telling you, this look is stunning and I plan on incorporating tux like qualities into my wardrobe without emptying my bank account.
1- I love the play on lines and the boxy shape when you're working with a tux. Even when paired with a silk mini skirt this outfit still has the best androgynous vibe I've ever seen. The messy hair and large fedora doesn't hurt either. 
2- If you are anything like me, you LOVE adding a bit of masculinity to your every day attire. And when you're rocking something as bold as a tux, perhaps you should pop a little lace, silk, chiffon, and anything a little see-thru into the mix. And don't forget to over accessorize. 
3- If you really want to find something of your own, head to this website ----> ShopStyle. You'll notice there are some pricey little numbers here but also some affordable. 
4- You BETTER BELIEVE  I'll be wearing a bow tie to my friends wedding as well. If you need a killer bow tie and want to support a rad group of people, head on over to----> Dapper+Dash and if you're so inclined, support them HERE
Now you'll need to excuse me while I continue my search. Happy Friday! And STAY UGLY.

Xx- SN

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