Now I know all you fashion junkies out there are thinking "Who is this girl? and why is she still talking about Spring fashion?" My only logical retort is "Derrrr, the rest of us on planet earth are celebrating Spring. So get over it and swoon over these pieces from Spring 2013 resort collections please." Someone must have tampered with my coffee this morning because I'm feeling particularly feisty. 

If there's one thing I understand fully about fashion and the cosmetic/beauty industry world its that no matter how hard we try to avoid it, trends follow our current economical and political times. The soft yet bright washes of pastels paired with sheer fabrics and more modern hemlines has quite the modern sixties feel to it. Could it be that our current state of a torn nation, economic and financial crisis, as well as a rise in confrontational topics such as gay marriage, abortion, and women's... ahem, excuse me... equal rights is mirroring the same struggles of the Sixties? Could it be that once again we are seeing that connection and translation through our fashion runways and makeup trends? Or am I just getting ahead of myself? Lets just save my mind and chalk it up to all you people are addicted to pastel once March 1st hits. There's a connection. And thats all I'll say about that. See what I did there?...

Back to fashion. One reason I love this Spring 2013 Resort collection Valentino is because no matter how over-the-top some of these pieces may be, I would wear ANY of them. Even if I'm just running to the post office. The soft wash of pale yellow covered by a sheer white material has such sophisticated yet fun vibe. The short hem line is perfect for adding a bit of sexiness to an other wise Easter morning dress. And then you have it in black. ENOUGH SAID. Gimme. Gimme. Gimme. Yum.
This Spring 2013 Resort collection from Celine is EVERYTHING I ever dreamt about as a child. No seriously though. When I was younger I knew three things that were my ultimate goals in life; 1-I would own my own thriving business, 2- I would be a successful lady walking around my lovely big city wearing all three outfits you see above (not giving a d*** what men find sexy while making every woman pinning to pick through my closet- and you may :)) and 3- (warning: about to get mushy) I would have a wonderful loving partner who was just as motivated, driven, and adventurous as I am. That being said, upon seeing this collection my heart about flew through my chest. Theres not a lot more to say other than this collection is utterly and unequivocally, me. 

Its obvious that for Celine this collection wasn't about creating something new. It was about taking what we've got and whats been hot, and making it better. So, so much better. Leather, polka dots, white-on-white, scarfs, stripes, blazers, and I could go on and on. I adore the long uncontrived hair flowing freely or otherwise tucked into fully wrapped scarf. This collection makes my heart sing.

MAKEUP. Makeup. Makeup. I live for this stuff. 

Three main trends you saw in Spring runway and will continue to see through out the year is as follows:
1- Effortless skin. Freckles in all their glory. Soft yet structured brows and lashes. A titch of bronzer and blush for good measure. And girlfriend, get out your bright lips and nails because they are smokin'. Easily my favorite look. Try MAC's lipsticks in 'Candy Yum Yum' and 'Niki Viva Glam 2' to recreate this look.

2- Effortless skin with an extra dewy highlight. A solid contour to help you amp up that bone structure. Leave your blush at home. Bronzy smoky eye thats got that 'slept in' sort of look. A structured mess if you will. Pack on that mascara and keep the brows soft and groomed.

3-Last but most certainly not least. The 'no makeup' makeup look. I am swooning. In my opinion, its much harder and more creative to create a beautiful 'no makeup' makeup look than it is to pack on something over-the-top and theatrical. I LOVE THIS. - Soft skin. Subtle amounts of a contour and bronzer. Highlighted bone structure. Nothing on the lashes or brows. Dewy pops around the eyes. A strategic amount of lip color to enhance your natural shade. And wonderfully enough, a disconnected winged eyeliner for a bit of everyday elegance and fun.

Spring Fling. I love you.

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