Every gym gets them, the swarm of new members that each New Year brings. It happens for maybe a month or two until the hype of the resolution wears off, and it’s back to the regular participants. But, if you’re feeling gung-ho on keeping the resolution strong, it’s time to invest in the wardrobe. Good workout attire is a necessity if you’re planning on squeezing in that sweat-sesh between other happenings throughout your day. If you’re anything like me you’ll be running from one place to another trying to get errands taken care of between work and other various activities. Most of the time I get lucky and slide on by without running into people I know, but the times that I do cross paths with a familiar face, I’m always really mad at myself if I look like a sloppy mess. Then again, who doesn’t look like a mess after spending some time in the gym? Regardless, I’ve found some affordable options to choose from that will take you from sweaty to stylish, sweat or no sweat.

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