Las Vegas photoshoot with Dakota Raine
It was a decision made weeks in advance. Armand (Ugly's Creative Director) was going to LA to do some test shoots for LA Models (link) and White House Models (link). I (your Ugly editor) was looking for a Summer adventure; something to shake off the Winter blues and get me inspired.

Two needs and only one way to fulfill them, Road Trip.

Ahh... the American dream realized on the Highways of the West. Roads that stretch for miles through mountains, valleys, deserts and canyons leading us to the great Pacific Ocean.

Day one started well enough. We hit the road at 7am making a brief stop in Payson for supplies and then moving on to the city of sin, Las Vegas! Armand had the crazy idea of doing an impromptu photo shoot. He posted a casting call on Instagram and got a response from the lovely Dakota Raine.

In the scorching 108 degrees of dry desert heat, we met in a back parking lot and took our hottest photoshoot ever. 

2hrs later we were back on the road and headed non-stop to LA. Now, one of the cardinal rules of adventuring on road trips is to never plan anything. If you plan too much, your trip will lack discovery and situations of survival and cunning. Sometimes that can backfire on you. 

We had a general idea that we wanted to stay in a cheap motel near Venice beach. We asked Siri to find us some as we got there. We found some really low budget b rated horror film type of places that looked ideal, but the neon signs were all blinking "no vacancy". 

We tried eight locations, all with the same result. Finally, exhausted and in need of sleep, we gave into the gods of travel and headed to LAX where we found a room at the Travelers Inn (not exactly the cheap motel we were looking for).

Today's adventure includes 3 photoshoots, search of a lost beach, and finding cheaper lodgings (the gods be damned). 

So, follow on social media with #uglyparadise2013 and stay ugly!



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