Yesterday was Malibu. Today was Venice. The overcast morning wasn't a deterant to the throngs of fishers, skaters, cyclists, tourists, and street vendors that make Venice Beach the unique melting pot that it is.

Within 10 minutes we were accosted by 20 different vendors and 2 yogurt reps handing out free samples. After purchasing 3 CDs that we didn't want we decided to get off the strip and scout locations for our 12 o'clock shoot. Eventually we stumbled upon an alley called Breeze Court that had a lot of character.

Satisfied, we made our way back to the car, parked closer to our shoot location, and found a Mexican Pizza joint for lunch. Our waitress, Eliana, was really nice and looked like Melanie Laurent. The pizza was served on thin shells with plenty of Chalula to keep it spicy.

We met up with Lizette (our third model of the trip) at the location. The sun had come out just in time for our first and only taste of California sunshine. It was a fantastic shoot and Lizette was amazing to work with. Two hours later we were back at the hotel organizing a fourth shoot and planning dinner. we ended up back on Abbott and Kinney at a bar called the Brig. A cool joint that was all rusted steel, wood, and leather. A drink and a slice later we were back at the hotel ready to take some photos.

This shoot was a lot of fun. The model, Itzel, came over to the hotel. We shot some outdoor rock n roll chic stuff, took some shots on the balcony and then did a series of looks inside our hideous room. The whole thing was exactly the type of shoot I had hoped for on this trip. I think you're going to like these.

Today we're hitting the road back to SLC. We may have a couple more shoots along the way. Until then, follow our shinanigans on Instagram #uglyparadise2013 and stay ugly.


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