The day started off well enough. We had a continental breakfast, packed up, and hit the road to find a hidden beach in Malibu.

Armand had arranged a shoot for noon at Point Dume. Another photographer clued him in on a secluded beach on the opposite side of the point which few visitors knew about.

We got there early and parked the car about a mile from the point. The sky was gray and the air was cool. It was a great day to shoot and nice reintroduction to the Pacific Ocean.

There was a retaurant on the beach with a bar called the Sunset. We had some time to kill and decided to have a beer. As a traveler in a strange place, it's important that you make friends with the people you meet. The bar tender was a pleasant woman we were happy to happen upon. Originally from Portland she came here to play the Cello for Capitol Records. That's the fun thing about people who live in California. So many interesting backgrounds and ambitions.

A conversation later, we found our model Kat and made a mile long hike to the point. We weaved through some rock climbers and found an isolated beach on the other side without another soul around. It was perfect! Kat was more than affable and we shot for about an hour capturing some really great photos.

After the shoot we had a mission to find new lodgings and dinner. It seems that California becomes quite busy on Summer weekends. Eventually we found The Jolly Rodger, a crappy hotel near Abbot Kinney district near Venice Beach. After settling in we headed over to Abott Kinney and walked about and found G Jelina, a gourmet pizza joint that didn't fail to deliver. What lacked in service was made up for in taste. It was a circus in my mouth of sautéed onions, gruyere cheese, and arugula.

We went home for a nap, hoping to hit Venice Beach at night... That nap resulted in my waking up this morning to write today's entry. I guess we were tired.

Today we'll be hitting Venice Beach to shoot the lovely Lizzet. Follow us with #uglyparadise2013

Stay Ugly!


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