First things first… Lets be real. I was a huge tomboy growing up and to this day I’d much rather go rock climbing than shoe shopping. That being said, I’ve seriously embraced my inner shopaholic/fashion junky during my mid twenties and I currently own seven pairs of heels. That’s a lot for me! I own four purses and two clutches. What?? That’s too many. Yet somehow, I can see how all you fashionista’s out there are shaking your head in embarrassment right now. I KNOW. You have entire rooms dedicated to shoes and purses. Anyway… I don’t care how androgynous your style is or how many mountains you climb; a woman should ALWAYS have a classic pair of heels in her closet.

I’m the type of woman who loves classic, chic, clean, and timeless pieces. The first time my heart and my eye started to understand style and fashion I found myself instantly gravitating towards Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs pieces. There’s nothing more juvenile or unattractive than big, loud, and down right scary looking name brand logos. We know it’s your piece, now settle down. Am I right? I remember my first Michael Kors piece to this day. It still hangs in my closet and surfaces whenever I’m home in Salt Lake City during the winter. It was a gorgeous, long, black coat with a large collar that zips all the way over my nose with gold zippers and beautifully placed pockets. I’ve owned this coat since 2006. You see? Chic, classic, and timeless! As my fashion taste continues to expand I’ve continuously found myself drooling over the eccentric and jaw dropping pieces of Alexander McQueen. Those are pieces you hang in a museum, not your closet.

There are two very strong fashion icons I’m continuously drawn to, Iris Apfel and Kate Moss. Yeah, yeah, yeah… Kate Moss. So what. I love her, you love her, and we’ll always love her. Kate will never be out, that’s just all there is too it. While my heart and inner 90’s girl will always be attracted to the androgynous and uncontrived flow of Kate Moss there is another side of me that can’t get enough of the bright, over-the-top, and overly layered styles of the lovely Iris Apfel. That woman is a genius. Seriously, look her up and try to argue with me. YOU CAN’T. Coolest grandma ever? Please be my best friend? Ok, I’ll stop. For real though, depending on the day and my mood I channel these two babes.
I’ve been a makeup artist for five years and I am always following runway trends. I have always been inspired to create makeup looks based off fashion collections and vice-versa. Anyone who lives in the fashion and beauty world knows how important fashion and makeup are for each other. They bring out the best in each other and they never take away from one another. In my personal style I have a very tomboy look with feminine touches but my goodness, if my bank account allowed I would rock the most extravagant runway collections you’ve ever seen. Yes, even if I’m simply running to the store for milk. You only live once people.

When it comes to shopping, I prefer it to be from my laptop in the comfort of my own home, in my sweat pants, sipping a coffee. Sure, I shop just like everyone else but not really. The UPS man is starting to get sick of me. What’s the worst that could happen? It doesn’t fit me and I return it. Too easy. When shopping in person I love thrifting! And sometimes, all you need to do is go shopping in your own closet. Get creative! I’m a very “to the point” kind of person. I don’t have time to browse, look around, or beat around the bush. When I shop I have a very specific look in mind and I know what type of hem lines, fabrics, patterns, styles, and colors I want. Yeah, I’m that annoying customer and I don’t even care. I’m beyond picky but thankfully I’m able to appreciate an amazing piece when I see it even if it wasn’t part of the plan.

My most cherished items in my closet are my scarves. I LOVE my scarves. There’s something so sexy, feminine, and fun about scarves and I treat them like they are gold. I style them as head wraps, headbands, scarves (duh), and from time to time have been known to tie them to my purse. They are one of the best accessories. And you better believe you’ll never, ever, ever catch me in crocs, flip flops, or TOMS. Not happening people. Just no. Stop. Ok, stop.
While many things inspire my style I often find that movies, tv shows, and music play a huge role in my over all mood. Which essentially has a huge role in my fashion and makeup choices. When I find myself in a Nirvana, Tool, Rage Against the Machine phase I often rock torn jeans, cut off shirts, heels, leather jackets, scarves, and lots of jewelry. Then there’s a side of me that can’t stop swooning over the makeup, fashion, and hairstyles in Mad Men. Who wouldn’t want to rock some glamour hair and makeup with a vintage dress once in a while? Ok, it’s not often. I usually pair the glamour hair and makeup with my 90’s fashion pieces. Nothing better than grunge fashion mixed with perfect hair and makeup. A movie that always pulls at my heartstrings is ‘Annie Hall’. Diane Keaton’s character in that movie has the best style ever. Big hats, long uncontrived hair, big sunglasses, suspenders, button up shirts, ties, yes please.

Phew. Was that enough for you? I’m up to chat fashion with you anytime, anywhere.



4/18/2013 05:14:07 am

So awesome, Stephanie! I'm a makeup artist as well, can't wait to see some of your work. I also completely agree about the big scary logo'd clothing. Yuck.

4/18/2013 11:39:42 pm

I noticed that! And congrats on your upcoming event. I wish I could attend! Do you have a website? I'd love to see some of your work. Heres mine! And yeah, living in AZ I see a LOT of Affliction and Ed Hardy lovers. Especially in the Scottsdale area. GROSS. :)

4/19/2013 12:26:46 am

I do! It's ok, so that's just my blog. My portfolio site is still in the works.

4/18/2013 01:01:35 pm

Iris Apfel is in a league of her own. For real.

4/18/2013 11:40:11 pm

RIGHT?! I love her.


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