There is absolutely no hate in the relationship crop tops and I have.  Just like your favorite piece of jewelry, your midriff is just another accessory that every now and then you decide to bring out. Whether you pair your crop with shorts, skirts, or pants, there is something about showing a little more skin that screams summer. For some, it may seem like a bold move, but throw on some high waisted anythings along with your top and you will keep it PG. Of course if you are comfortable with showing a little more skin, throw on a super small crop or bralette and do yo thang

Pioneers of this trend such as Carrie Bradshaw, Brittney Spears and Gwen Stefani really got us drooling over their midriff baring style. To be honest I really cant think of a photo of Gwen off the top off my head without being in some kind of crop top. Granted, she has the best body in the world so I don't blame her.  Here in 2013, this look is widely more accepted as chic instead of being something that only pop stars and celebrities wear to show off their six packs and snag some attention.

My favorite way to wear a crop is with a maxi skirt. I love the look and feel of the flowy-ness of the skirt along with a tight crop top. It is such a simple look and can work for a casual summer day or a night out on the town. Throw on a necklace, a sun hat, some sunglasses and BOOM, you're ready for anything.

My favorite crop top wearing fashionista, and just one of my favorites in general, is Rumi Neely. She has the ability to pull off just about anything. Nope, take that back, she CAN pull off anything. Check out some of her crop top outfits below. She has the ability to pull together very simple pieces and make an outfit look amazing without needing 100 necklaces, 100 rings or some crazy ass hair style. Why add accessories when you're supposed to be showing off some stomach? 
I recommend grabbing some crops of your own from...

Are you loving another midriff baring outfit you would like to share? Perhaps there is another 2013 trend you are drooping over? Comment below and I would love to hear!

Stay UGLY in your crops :)

6/18/2013 02:56:39 am

I don't care what anyone says, black tights and cut-offs will ALWAYS look good. And a crop top makes it even better!

6/18/2013 01:59:17 pm

I agree in full. A favorite look of mine. Particularly in the winter when normal humans find it absurd.

6/19/2013 11:29:57 am

Splendid! Good eye, Brooke...and that's not pirate talk!

7/10/2013 06:17:01 am

Always look good and feel good. nice write up


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