They’ve done it again.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have added number four to their fashion line list. From The Row, Elizabeth & James, and Olsenboye, the twins have now collaborated with Bik Bok, a Norwegian retailer.

There will be three collections available during the fall 2013 season. Each collection is based on Mary-Kate and Ashley’s views on current trends while keeping the Scandinavian “It-Girl” in mind.

The collections will be far more affordable than their previous fashion ventures, featuring sheer tops, casual T’s and black dresses for less than $100. Good luck finding an item from The Row for even remotely near that price. The most expensive piece is an amazing black lamb leather and fur jacket for roughly $670. 
“Ashley and I are thrilled with our Fall 2013 Bik Bok collaboration. We feel the collection reflects our personal style and will connect with the Scandinavian girl”, says Mary-Kate Olsen."

"We’ve enjoyed the design process with the Bik Bok team and are excited to visit Oslo and Stockholm to launch the first of three collections in August”, says Ashley.
Sadly, the collection is only available in stores at Bik Bok, or at shipping only to Sweden and Norway. The time is now to start making some international friends if you wish you get a piece of this amazing collection!

Although you may not be able to have the exact piece from this collection you want, check it out online here and you will definitely be able to grab some inspiration! 

Stay UGLY, Olsens! 


8/24/2013 03:14:00 pm

Guess I better take a trip to Sweden!


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