Style isn’t just what we wear; it’s a way of life. Style can determine our choices, our friends, our jobs, and any other aspect. Finding your own style is something I think is incredibly important. I know I have spent my entire life finding mine, and I’m not through yet. Your wardrobe should include things that make you feel like you- a reflection of whom you are and where you want to go.
When I was growing up my outfits were nothing like my peers. I was taking notes from some of my favorite designers like modern day Michael Kors plus adding anything vintage, making my style stand out and go against the brand name, logo’d t-shirt, flip flop norm. As my life has progressed I have seen how that was just the beginning. At an early age I was showing signs of becoming the makeup artist/stylist I am today. Androgynous outfits were some of my favorites and I was one of the few girls who actually wore dresses to school. I have such a broad range of style that life never has a dull moment.
Fast forward a secret number of years and I find myself working in the very field I had always dreamed of. I’m loving life as a fashion blogger/ makeup artist/ stylist/ master aesthetician (and that’s not even all I do. I wear a lot of hats… or I get bored easily, take your pick). As a fashion blogger I draw a lot of my inspiration from my fellow bloggers. There are so many stylish women in this world and I feel lucky that I live in a day where I can “know” and learn from them. Of course, there is inspiration all around, especially in some of my favorite celebrity fashion icons- Emma Watson (I used to look just like her, no joke!), Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (I love that they’ve always been role models for me, we even share the same birthday), and Alexa Chung.
Like I said, and as you can tell from my celebrity fashion icons- my style has a broad range. You’ll find things in my closet from vintage to bohemian to androgynous. I love being outdoors and finding inspiration in nature, that’s where the bohemian/ androgynous side of me comes from and I was raised by a mom who taught me the beauty of the past- which brings in the vintage side of me. I’ve often wondered if I were born in the wrong decade. Nothing makes me happier than watching Singing in the Rain or finding that antique I’ve been looking for in perfect condition. Since the past is such a part of me it explains why some of my biggest fashion icons are people like Katharine Hepburn and Twiggy. 
While my hippie, outdoor loving, dirt rolling side is a big part of me; my fashion loving, makeup applying side is definitely more prominent. Because of that, it’s no surprise that one of my favorite activities would be shopping. Just because I love it doesn’t mean I buy anything that fits, I’m picky. Things have to really feel like “me” and embrace all of my sides for me to buy them. You’ll never catch me wearing things like “bling” on my pants or v-necks that are low enough to the point where an undershirt is necessary and you get that odd, upside down, trapezoid neckline (although I’m guilty of doing that one in the past). You’ll often catch me wearing harem pants, hats, oversized blouses, and one of my most prized possessions- my oversized, rose gold, Michael Kors watch (that baby goes with me everywhere).
Fashion is not just what I put on day to day; it’s how my life has come to this place, right here, right now. My style is what makes me me, and I’m proud of that.

4/18/2013 01:00:16 pm

God damn. Those sunglasses, gurl!

4/18/2013 11:46:25 pm

Uhm, how darling are you?? LOVE that first image of you. Those glasses! And your lipstick! Bravo. And welcome aboard :)

4/19/2013 09:36:52 am

I am going to go ahead and third what has already been said. That first picture is..................unreal.


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