Amidst the raw and elegant croons of Sharon van Etten, Katie and I walked around Pioneer Park looking for people whose style drew us in and left us wanting more of the same. 

The Twilight Concert Series as a whole is often labeled as an exercise in social peacocking; too busy with people looking to be seen, instead of looking to see. While it may be true that you have to fight masses of bodies to get close to the bands that play, no one can argue that seeing a group as incredible as The National for a minuscule $5 is an opportunity worth taking -- no matter how far back in the crowd you are or how feisty you have to get!

At worst, the street style scene at Twilight is like a Forever 21 catalog from last year. At best, it's an overwhelming concentration of pure and true personal style. It's easy to look trendy, but it's the people who exude that intangible quality of assuredness in their outfit. It's just who they are, and what they like, and it's obvious by the way they walk, interact and even breathe. Below are some of those people who caught our eye last Thursday! Click on photos to enlarge them.

One of my favorite trends from the show was the abundance of hats. Wide-brimmed, to both keep the sun out and look stylish as hell. I also appreciated the overarching theme of the 90s. There were countless numbers of shirts tied at the waist, tough-looking boots, high-waisted used denim shorts, and girly floral prints. Unique cross-body bags were also a staple. It was amazing to see people's commitment to fashion by how many long pants and boots there were in 90 degree weather. Not that we're complaining, we benefited after all!

See you next week, Salt Lake. Stay Ugly. xx

Writing and reporting by Jamee Dyches, photography by Katie Tingey
Last week's Twilight concert was a psychedelic-rock experience complete with light shows, confetti, and, of course, awesome fashion. Everyone was geared up to see The Flaming Lips perform at Pioneer Park, and we got to see a very different side of the SLC Twilight audience. The sense of freedom and mysticism in the air no doubt translated into what some people were wearing, but perhaps even more notable was that everybody just seemed to be having a really great time. Take a look.
Keep at it, Uglies. We want to see some stellar outfits as the series progresses. Also, if you happen to see your picture on our website and don't want it there, let us know by emailing info@uglymag.com and we will take it down right away. Stay Ugly!

PictureOur fashion editor, Jenna Russell, and friends.
Last week, Belle & Sebastian kicked off Salt Lake City's summer concert series, and there was no shortage of Twilight-appropriate fashion throughout Pioneer Park.

I noticed a few apparent trends that are pretty common at summer-music-festival-type events. For one, maxi dresses and skirts. Always a staple. You can't get away from them. Not only are they easy and comfortable to wear - especially in 100-degree weather, but they're also a simple way to look a little more dressed up, especially when paired with the right jewelry and shoes.

Another trend I saw was crop tops. They are having a huge comeback right now, particularly in combination with high-waisted cut-offs or skirts. (See Brooke's Midriff Madness post).

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with a few outfits I saw at the concert. This was only the first show of the series, so check back later this week to see more of SLC's summer street style. And if you're attending the concerts, be sure to don your most stylish concert-going attire and you could be featured on Trendspotters!

Stay Ugly my friends.