Amidst the raw and elegant croons of Sharon van Etten, Katie and I walked around Pioneer Park looking for people whose style drew us in and left us wanting more of the same. 

The Twilight Concert Series as a whole is often labeled as an exercise in social peacocking; too busy with people looking to be seen, instead of looking to see. While it may be true that you have to fight masses of bodies to get close to the bands that play, no one can argue that seeing a group as incredible as The National for a minuscule $5 is an opportunity worth taking -- no matter how far back in the crowd you are or how feisty you have to get!

At worst, the street style scene at Twilight is like a Forever 21 catalog from last year. At best, it's an overwhelming concentration of pure and true personal style. It's easy to look trendy, but it's the people who exude that intangible quality of assuredness in their outfit. It's just who they are, and what they like, and it's obvious by the way they walk, interact and even breathe. Below are some of those people who caught our eye last Thursday! Click on photos to enlarge them.

One of my favorite trends from the show was the abundance of hats. Wide-brimmed, to both keep the sun out and look stylish as hell. I also appreciated the overarching theme of the 90s. There were countless numbers of shirts tied at the waist, tough-looking boots, high-waisted used denim shorts, and girly floral prints. Unique cross-body bags were also a staple. It was amazing to see people's commitment to fashion by how many long pants and boots there were in 90 degree weather. Not that we're complaining, we benefited after all!

See you next week, Salt Lake. Stay Ugly. xx

Writing and reporting by Jamee Dyches, photography by Katie Tingey
Were you born a man, identify as male, or know someone who fits into the above categories? This article is for you. Stay with me, now.

I lived in Logan, Utah for two and a half long years to attend college at Utah State University and play soccer. While I was there, seeing a truly well dressed man was like seeing a unicorn walking through campus. They were painfully few and far between. As someone who is intensely attracted to both men and good personal style, I made a concerted effort to scope out those rare ones who clearly had a perfectly curated closet. Spoiler alert: I was pretty bored up there. I moved back to The Homeland.

Now I walk down my street (200 South: home to Este Pizzeria, Twilite Lounge, the Walker Center and yours truly) and I can barely make it two blocks on any given Saturday without seeing a handful of dudes with a better wardrobe than me.

On the grounds that I’m surrounded by stylish men on a daily basis (living downtown, working at Whole Foods, and going to school at the U does wonders for the eye candy portion of your brain), I’m appointing myself an authority on men’s fashion.

Behold, the top five summer essentials for men:

1. The Plain White T-Shirt

Banana Republic
You guys, over my dead body will you go to Target and buy a five pack of Hane’s white undershirts and call it good this summer. Be better than the Hane’s five-pack. Buy a couple short sleeve T’s made out of quality fabric because you’ll be running, jumping and kissing pretty people in these. I have it on good authority from a quite stylish man that Banana Republic makes the perfect white cotton T-shirt.

2. Short Sleeve Button-Up

American Apparel
There’s something about a sharp button-up that makes me take someone seriously before knowing anything about them yet. Even better, it makes me feel like they take THEMSELVES seriously. It’s a dapper ass bitch who wears a button-up shirt.

3. A Fancy Haircut

Now that you’re thinking seriously about your wardrobe, don’t drop the ball by going to Great Clips. Especially when there’s a perfect alternative in Ray’s Barbershop. (Bonus points if you make an appointment with Stefahn Looney, pictured above. His haircuts are babe approved.) If you have a scraggly mane you’ve been meaning to tame, summer is the perfect time to go high and tight. See also: Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love. I rest my case.

4. A Timeless Pair of Sunglasses

The same way cat-eye frames keep popping back up in classy women’s sunglass collections over the years, gentlemen and scholars are never without a fancy pair of Wayfarers or Clubmasters for weekend bicycle/motorcycle/car rides. I’m crossing my fingers that one day I see my kids and their friends wearing these same styles of sunglasses, because they’re just so god damn good.

5. Sneakers (With Do-It-Yourself Scruffs)

As much as I swoon over a nice pair of oxfords or a collection of Red Wing boots, we are heading into the middle of May and shit gets serious out here in the heat department. You need some casual sneaks to carry you through all of the dog-walking, night hiking, and bar crawls you’re probably going to be doing this summer. Black Van’s Core Classics and white High-Top Converse are choices no one can fault you for. (And I’ll fight anyone who tries to, considering a pair of the latter are an integral part of my summer shoe game.)

Wondering if your summer staples are UGLY approved? Think I missed something? Look no further than the comment section below. Let’s talk men. And fashion. And men’s fashion.


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