Last week's Twilight concert was a psychedelic-rock experience complete with light shows, confetti, and, of course, awesome fashion. Everyone was geared up to see The Flaming Lips perform at Pioneer Park, and we got to see a very different side of the SLC Twilight audience. The sense of freedom and mysticism in the air no doubt translated into what some people were wearing, but perhaps even more notable was that everybody just seemed to be having a really great time. Take a look.
Keep at it, Uglies. We want to see some stellar outfits as the series progresses. Also, if you happen to see your picture on our website and don't want it there, let us know by emailing and we will take it down right away. Stay Ugly!

PictureOur fashion editor, Jenna Russell, and friends.
Last week, Belle & Sebastian kicked off Salt Lake City's summer concert series, and there was no shortage of Twilight-appropriate fashion throughout Pioneer Park.

I noticed a few apparent trends that are pretty common at summer-music-festival-type events. For one, maxi dresses and skirts. Always a staple. You can't get away from them. Not only are they easy and comfortable to wear - especially in 100-degree weather, but they're also a simple way to look a little more dressed up, especially when paired with the right jewelry and shoes.

Another trend I saw was crop tops. They are having a huge comeback right now, particularly in combination with high-waisted cut-offs or skirts. (See Brooke's Midriff Madness post).

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with a few outfits I saw at the concert. This was only the first show of the series, so check back later this week to see more of SLC's summer street style. And if you're attending the concerts, be sure to don your most stylish concert-going attire and you could be featured on Trendspotters!

Stay Ugly my friends.

Lacy Timmerman and her mother, Kimberly Hagee, have been running Whynaught Shop, an online store for vintage womenswear, since March of 2013. Born from a mutual affinity for vintage fashions and designs, Whynaught Shop boasts a growing collection of over 40 dresses and accessories - an impressive amount for the 4-month-old business. What sets Whynaught apart from your everyday thrift shop is the quality of each authentic vintage piece. I sat down with Lacy to talk about how the shop got started.

LT: We opened the store in March, but it had been in the talks for quite some time. We were already sitting on a collection, and didn’t realize exactly what we had. I started doing some research, and before I knew it, I was like "I should just be selling these pieces."  Many of them had simply been sitting in my closet, or they would get worn once or twice, or they would be pieces that we bought just because they were so amazing. My mom and I both have a love for fashion, and particularly vintage fashion.

UM: It seems like you and Kim make a great team for running the shop. How do you decide who is in charge of what?

LT: My mom is the best with the materials, and all the finite details of what goes into the clothes. I just know it looks good, and that I want to buy it and wear it and put it on bodies and style it and photograph it. She knows how it’s made.

Lacy manages the shop’s web content, social media and networking, and frequently models their clothing for the website. Kimberly, who used to own an antique shop, has an extensive knowledge of fabric, labels, construction, and history, and she restores each one-of-a-kind garment to its original glory, if not already in mint condition.

KH: There are a lot of tell-tale signs of a good dress vs. a not-so-good dress. And if you know your labels, that’s always helpful. But if you don’t have that, there are certain things that I look for, because, you know, I want to see the inside of the dress; I want to see if it’s got that banding around the waistband. All those steps take a lot longer, and usually indicate a better-quality piece.

In describing one of her favorite dresses, Kimberly said, “This is 1940s probably, because of the shoulder pads. In the ‘30s, things were kind of loose and drapey and still Hollywood, but in the ‘40s, women’s fashion started to become a little more streamlined, and you began seeing the big shoulder pads.” While admiring another beautiful black sheer and velvet mermaid dress, Kimberly informed me that the dress only had a blue-and-white Union label sewn into it, despite the indications that it was designer-made. This observation is how she was able to date the dress back to the 1930s. It’s this knowledge and attention to detail that give each piece a level of quality that you don’t often find elsewhere.

UM: Do you wear lots of vintage clothes yourself?

LT: I don’t really wear the dresses unless I’m going somewhere, but I have a million old vintage blouses and pants and skirts, and I wear those all day long. I’m a huge thrift store girl. My mom was always dragging me there since I was a kid, and I hated it, but now I get it. There are particular eras that I am really fond of.

UM: Which ones?

LT: I love the ‘30s. I just want to wear ‘30s all the time. Sometimes it’s not so practical, but I think it’s a very refined style. The dresses are very straight and elegant. We love the ‘30s. The 1950s is a very popular style for girls in general, especially in our age group. There’s this underground sort of gal that really really loves the ‘50s and I go crazy for them, but I put them on, and they’re just not me. They’re really fun, but I’m not a ‘50s gal. If anybody asked me like “What are you?” I’d say ‘30s all the way.

UM: Do you try to give your vintage clothes a modern twist, or do you like to make them look as authentic as possible?

LT: I think we really are trying to cater to a modern girl. I mean, I wear vintage all the time, and I love finding a great dress and pairing it with clunky platforms or a leather jacket. Our website does look very refined, but I’m hoping that most of the girls looking at our website have an imagination and want to buy that piece to make it their own. I think vintage is a personality. It's all about confidence,

UM: Would you like to own your own storefront eventually?

Right now, online is the best resource for us because you can reach so many people if you’re good with your marketing and social networking. I mean, I fantasize about having a storefront, but I live in LA and it’s a whole different world there, it’s very expensive.

KH: It’s a real time commitment. I know what it’s like, and you are constantly working 14 hour days. You don’t get a break.

LT: There is a very big vintage world, and I’ve watched some of these other store grow so much, and they have such a huge demand that they need to have stores or showrooms, so it’s a possibility. We’re open to all ideas.

Lacy currently lives in Los Angeles as a stylist/styling assistant, although she would love to be selling her vintage and making Whynaught Shop her day job. I definitely hope they continue to grow as a business. I had so much fun hanging out with them the other day and wish them all the very best! If you haven't already, check out Whynaught Shop's Etsy page, and keep up with Lacy and Kim on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

The "vintage" style has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. Would you rock these vintage dresses or do you prefer a modern style? Let us know in the comments below and stay ugly!


I’m excited to introduce our new weekly addition to Trendspotting; What I’d Wear. With the Twilight Concert Series starting up tomorrow, I know that many of you will be planning your outfits in advance (whether you’re willing to admit it or not)! With the help of Polyvore it’s easy to put together a look that we can all be inspired by. For me personally, I like to keep things simple. Particularly during times when the heat feels like death and you’re rubbing shoulders with other concert goers! You can expect some of those concert goers to be a few of our Trendspotters. We will be wandering the park each Thursday looking for the best dressed attendees we can find. If you’re lucky you may be featured on the site! Hope to see you all there, stay UGLY! - jr



Miss selfridge

Pull&Bear leather shoes
$39 -

Valentino black handbag

Nars cosmetic

UM: Where did you get your inspiration for your swimwear?

HS: The inspiration for my swim wear came from my exploring on the internet to see what is the new style and fit of swim wear. I found some great designs from many swim wear companies and combined all of the ideas to come up with my own creation. I also love to do my work free handed with no specific patterns, and I enjoy adding my own twist to each suit. I feel like my imagination is very open and I love to create new and interesting designs.

UM: What made you want to design?

HS: My interest in designing started when I was a freshman in high school from the help of my amazing fashion design teacher, Genet Orme. She taught me everything I know and inspired me to work towards my dream of becoming a fashion designer. The swim suit design class is still rather new to the school, but there have been students that come out of her class that go on to do amazing things with their design careers.

UM: Do you want to expand into more clothing in the future?

HS: I would love to expand more on clothing in the future because I’m so tall. It is hard for me to find not only regular clothing that fits my long body, but swim suits as well which is why I want to go into this design program at FIDM in LA. Whenever someone orders a swim suit from me, I ask them to give me their exact measurements so that I can fit it exactly to their body type.

UM: Have you always been interested in design?

HS: Like I said before, I started to become interested when I became a freshman in high school in my fashion strategies class. We learned about the history of fashion and where it all started and came from. I also started modeling in middle school, which is when I started to become more and more interested in the fashion industry.

UM: What's your favorite piece?

HS: My favorite piece that I designed was my Super High-waisted Criss Cross Trunks. I like them because they show a cool line on the front of the suit and they really hold everything in. They are also flattering on everyone.

UM: Do you prefer one-piece or two?

HS: I prefer a one-piece because it shows that women are confident in their body. It is also much more modest than a two-piece swim suit.