If there’s only one piece of fashion advice you ever take from me, let it be this: I firmly believe the act of getting dressed should do nothing less than make you feel like a total babe. It’s this motto that leads me to repeat certain outfits several times in a row, and wear giant platform wedges to the grocery store when I run out of avocados. My girl Mary-Kate knows no coffee trip is complete without an impractical shoe choice. (P.S. Remember when I said that my style icons are "Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, five years ago"? That photo wasn't taken in 2013, people, and I am 100% all about her look.)  

Sure, I could throw something on and plead indifference, but it wouldn’t be honest and I wouldn’t feel confident. I know some people take great pride in not giving a shit about what other people think of them and the way they dress, but these people are typically extremely well dressed, so I usually call bullshit. 

The point is: there’s no reason not to wear what makes you feel good, what makes you feel sexy, ALL THE TIME.

PictureVery Traditionally Sexy Shoes by Charlotte Olympia
Maybe there’s someone specific whose eye you’re trying to catch, or maybe you’re just going to see a movie with your sister. (Hey, you never know who could be standing in line behind you at the Broadway movie theater. MAYBE IT'S THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE.) For me, there’s no event too casual for a fancy ass skirt, and no event too formal for scuffed boots. If it’s what I want to wear, it’s happening. And yes, before you ask, the number of times I’ve gotten in trouble for breaking the dress code at work is exactly two times.

Based on how high of a priority feeling and looking “sexy” is to me, you’d think I have racks on racks of stilettos and knock-off Hervé Léger body-con dresses. NOPE.

In fact, my stiletto and body-con dress count is zero. That being said, there are definitely a handful of tight dresses and few pairs of heels that make my heart melt, but for the most part those pieces just feel a little too Cosmopolitan magazine for me. It feels cliché, and even worse, it feels easy. Buying $20 heels at Forever 21 just because they’re high and the Internet suggested them isn’t going to automatically make you look or feel attractive. (But if Charlotte Olympia made them, they’re probably a one-way ticket to Babetown.)

I’ve long used the term “non-traditionally sexy” to describe my sense of style, and I still stand by that description 100%. While my stiletto count may be zero, my completely see-through clothing item count is six. I’m a sucker for a visible black bra. But if you’re going to see my bra through sheer fabric, said fabric is going to be a member of The Top Button Club. Either that or I’m going to be wearing high-waisted shorts or a skirt, and you’re going to have to hang out with Brooke to see any midriff.

Speaking of Brooke and her midriff, she demonstrated a perfect way to dress non-traditionally sexy in her last article about crop tops. If you’ve ever seen a true summer babe in a crop top and a maxi skirt, you’ve seen the definition of “non-traditionally sexy” manifested before your eyes. Lucky you.

For those of you who are already counting down the days until the fall season like I am, you may want to consider the classic sweater + high-waisted jean cut-offs + black tights + boots combo. A chunky knit sweater is functional for two reasons in this case: it keeps you warm, and balances out the sex appeal of tight little shorts. (Be still my heart.)

One pair of high-quality black opaque tights is a closet staple from September to April, in my opinion. I wear mine until they have holes; then I keep that pair for the days I’m feeling extra grungy, and buy a pristine pair to go with my expertly tailored Marc by Marc Jacobs shorts. Those demand a classy counterpart.  

Whenever I talk about dressing “non-traditionally sexy” I like to point out that there’s nothing wrong with being into dressing traditionally sexy! If leopard-print dresses that fit like a glove and red stilettos are your jam, go for it. Be all about it. But whenever I catch myself staring at a female babe, it’s always the ones that are managing to exude noticeable sex appeal, but with a lower-case s. (If you don't know what I mean, you need to start at Alexa Chung A LOT harder.)

How about you? What’s your favorite way to collect stares from strangers via your non-traditionally or traditionally sexy clothing items?


There is absolutely no hate in the relationship crop tops and I have.  Just like your favorite piece of jewelry, your midriff is just another accessory that every now and then you decide to bring out. Whether you pair your crop with shorts, skirts, or pants, there is something about showing a little more skin that screams summer. For some, it may seem like a bold move, but throw on some high waisted anythings along with your top and you will keep it PG. Of course if you are comfortable with showing a little more skin, throw on a super small crop or bralette and do yo thang

Pioneers of this trend such as Carrie Bradshaw, Brittney Spears and Gwen Stefani really got us drooling over their midriff baring style. To be honest I really cant think of a photo of Gwen off the top off my head without being in some kind of crop top. Granted, she has the best body in the world so I don't blame her.  Here in 2013, this look is widely more accepted as chic instead of being something that only pop stars and celebrities wear to show off their six packs and snag some attention.

My favorite way to wear a crop is with a maxi skirt. I love the look and feel of the flowy-ness of the skirt along with a tight crop top. It is such a simple look and can work for a casual summer day or a night out on the town. Throw on a necklace, a sun hat, some sunglasses and BOOM, you're ready for anything.

My favorite crop top wearing fashionista, and just one of my favorites in general, is Rumi Neely. She has the ability to pull off just about anything. Nope, take that back, she CAN pull off anything. Check out some of her crop top outfits below. She has the ability to pull together very simple pieces and make an outfit look amazing without needing 100 necklaces, 100 rings or some crazy ass hair style. Why add accessories when you're supposed to be showing off some stomach? 
I recommend grabbing some crops of your own from...

Are you loving another midriff baring outfit you would like to share? Perhaps there is another 2013 trend you are drooping over? Comment below and I would love to hear!

Stay UGLY in your crops :)