Wear: Navy Blue

Wear it head to toe, or fit one blazer into your almost-entirely black & white wardrobe like I plan to!

Listen to: Sky Ferreira

I once read somewhere that Sky only models when she needs money, hah. There's something really fucking cool and I don't know...normal about her. She seems like someone who is at once wildly famous and also someone who grew up down the street from me. My favorite song off her new album:

Buy: Dramatic Eyeglasses

Bonus points if you start lamenting the fact that you aren't studying abroad in Paris or Tokyo. 

Read: Franny & Zooey

"Franny, a young college girl, arrives in New Haven (Yale) to be with her preppy and also intellectualizing boyfriend for a football weekend. They go to a cafe to have some food (and drinks and cigarettes). The story is simply the account of their talk. Salinger is one of the greatest masters of frenzied and fast dialogue, and it shows here. Franny is telling her boyfriend about all the phoniness of campus life, about the lunacy and presumptuousness of teachers and classmates. She tells him how she has read a book about a Russian monk who discovers a special Jesus prayer. If you repeat this prayer incessantly, it will become a part of you and repeat itself automatically, bringing you closer to grace and peace."

Create: Hanging vases

There are about one million variations on this phenomenon; if you don't believe me just ask Pinterest
Right around this time of year I start to get straight up angry about how cold and ugly it is outside, so keeping fresh flowers in the house becomes mandatory. 

Welcome to 2014.