David Carter is a local photographer whose recent study of light projection and the human form won him the 2012 Photographer of the Year RAWard for Salt Lake City.

David is primarily driven by the way he can connect with other people through the art of photography. "It takes time and investment to bring another [person] inside, or to visit another mind. Through art, we can share a space where communication and ideas happen at an intimate level. Words don't get in the way, and we are free to experience another mind in the privacy of our own. I think that the dynamic and subjective nature of reality is largely wasted. I seek ways to fracture reality and reveal it's instability. I want to ask questions that pull people out of the mundane experience. The payoff comes when I see the reaction other minds have to my work--It's like seeing a mixture of our minds.”

You will find the majority of David's work on his website, carterphotographic.com, as well as updates about his current projects and undertakings.


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    RAW: Natural Born Artists

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