Anthony Granato has been active in the art industry for over 15 years. After a career in illustration and freelance design working for Lucas Films and major publications, he has settled into the fine art profession. His work has been displayed in 24 art shows across the country, including Salt Lake City, Portland, Park City, Tennessee, Michigan and Indiana. His work has also been featured in New York and BlueCanvas Magazine. In addition to all of his press, Anthony won the Visual Artist of the Year for RAW Salt Lake City 2012.

What is unique about Anthony's work is that he makes paintings to fit antique and vintage frames. His mixed media style incorporates drawing, painting, and photography into each finished piece of artwork.

Anthony draws inspiration for his artwork from movies, books, music, and other artistic media. He is especially interested in the social commentary that surrounds artistic culture. In his artist statement, he says, "The messages in my paintings are visual metaphors for my experiences in modern life. All of my work has social messages woven into the concept and visual structure of the images. Dichotomies are especially important to the foundation of my work. Old and new, beautiful and ugly or good and evil all get fused physically and conceptually in my pieces."

You can currently find his paintings at Turning Art.com, Silver Queen Fine Art in Park City, and the UAA Gallery in SLC. Check out Anthony's Facebook page to keep up with his creative endeavors, and visit AnthonyGranato.com to get limited-edition prints or original artworks.


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    RAW: Natural Born Artists

    RAW Artists is an organization that represents independent artists in art, fashion, music, film, photography, performing art, hair & makeup, and accessories.

    Nine artists received awards at Salt Lake City’s RAW semi-final show in November 2012. Here at Ugly, we are excited to introduce our local award-winners and find out what they do, why they do it, and where they’re going next.