“Being a makeup artist is so much fun. I love being able to use a person as my canvas to create amazing art.”

Heather Shelton is RAW’s 2012 Makeup Artist of the Year from South Jordan, Utah. Makeup artistry is her passion and she prides herself on putting 100% effort into her work. She has a wide range of abilities from extreme, theatrical makeup looks to natural, everyday looks. Heather’s goal is to always make her clients feel like the most beautiful version of themselves. She loves to create a fun, comfortable experience for each client, and seeing people enjoy their makeup is the ultimate reward for her.

Heather has a ton of diverse experience, including runway, editorial, film, commercial and television, special effects/gore, theatrical, costume, avant-garde, high fashion, everyday beauty, pageantry, makeover, glamour, etc. She has also worked for Maybelline, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, Grazia Uk Magazine, and Model Life Magazine.

Check out Heather's extensive portfolio on her website and Facebook!

David Carter is a local photographer whose recent study of light projection and the human form won him the 2012 Photographer of the Year RAWard for Salt Lake City.

David is primarily driven by the way he can connect with other people through the art of photography. "It takes time and investment to bring another [person] inside, or to visit another mind. Through art, we can share a space where communication and ideas happen at an intimate level. Words don't get in the way, and we are free to experience another mind in the privacy of our own. I think that the dynamic and subjective nature of reality is largely wasted. I seek ways to fracture reality and reveal it's instability. I want to ask questions that pull people out of the mundane experience. The payoff comes when I see the reaction other minds have to my work--It's like seeing a mixture of our minds.”

You will find the majority of David's work on his website, carterphotographic.com, as well as updates about his current projects and undertakings.

Anthony Granato has been active in the art industry for over 15 years. After a career in illustration and freelance design working for Lucas Films and major publications, he has settled into the fine art profession. His work has been displayed in 24 art shows across the country, including Salt Lake City, Portland, Park City, Tennessee, Michigan and Indiana. His work has also been featured in New York and BlueCanvas Magazine. In addition to all of his press, Anthony won the Visual Artist of the Year for RAW Salt Lake City 2012.

What is unique about Anthony's work is that he makes paintings to fit antique and vintage frames. His mixed media style incorporates drawing, painting, and photography into each finished piece of artwork.

Anthony draws inspiration for his artwork from movies, books, music, and other artistic media. He is especially interested in the social commentary that surrounds artistic culture. In his artist statement, he says, "The messages in my paintings are visual metaphors for my experiences in modern life. All of my work has social messages woven into the concept and visual structure of the images. Dichotomies are especially important to the foundation of my work. Old and new, beautiful and ugly or good and evil all get fused physically and conceptually in my pieces."

You can currently find his paintings at Turning Art.com, Silver Queen Fine Art in Park City, and the UAA Gallery in SLC. Check out Anthony's Facebook page to keep up with his creative endeavors, and visit AnthonyGranato.com to get limited-edition prints or original artworks.

Accessories designer of the year for 2012's RAWards is Sweet Sin Couture, which specializes in custom fashion footwear. The brand strives to create one-of-a-kind designs that are eclectic and fun. They aim to please a niche market, mixing class with edge to create stunning visual art for the feet. Ashley Loya, owner of Sweet Sin Couture, told UGLY that creativity is her driving force.

“I enjoy making things you won't find anywhere else. Uniqueness. I love dancing the line between art and fashion and proving that we have no shortage of either in Salt Lake City, even though we're not considered to be ‘on the map’ for either.“

Several of Ashley’s show-stopping shoe designs are inspired by characters or movies, and she likes to throw in a fun fashion twist. She adds decoration and design elements onto her shoes by hand, giving each pair a unique look that can’t be found anywhere else.

Ashley is currently working on new collections due for release later this summer or fall. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with. Follow Sweet Sin Couture on Facebook, and check out their Etsy shop to snag a pair of shoes before they're all gone!

Lisa Miller, designer and creative force behind LissMee Apparel, received the Fashion Designer of the Year title in November’s RAWards. Lisa started designing clothes in 2009 as a way to produce a little extra income while being able to spend more time with her family, but it quickly turned into a passion that she couldn’t ignore.

“I have always been a creator, and Fashion has been an incredible outlet. It gives me the opportunity to design on my own terms, making clothes for the woman I am always aspiring to. I love every part of it, from the sketch to the photo shoots.”

Lisa designs for the smart, confident woman who wants to be sexy, but not overtly sexy. She creates clothing for the woman who wants to be fashion-forward without feeling like she’s wearing a costume. Not only does Lisa design apparel, but she also started her own accessory line called Reclaimed Wreckage. As the name suggests, she uses recycled materials, such as used billboard vinyl, bicycle tires, and much more, to create handmade fabrics, accessory elements, and jewelry.

LissMee was recently part of RAW’s “Marvel” showcase, and will be participating in another showcase sponsored by the organization this October. We are expecting great things from Lisa Miller, and we can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

Check out Lisa's website to learn more about her clothing lines, and be sure to follow LissMee Apparel on Facebook.

    RAW: Natural Born Artists

    RAW Artists is an organization that represents independent artists in art, fashion, music, film, photography, performing art, hair & makeup, and accessories.

    Nine artists received awards at Salt Lake City’s RAW semi-final show in November 2012. Here at Ugly, we are excited to introduce our local award-winners and find out what they do, why they do it, and where they’re going next.