I am incredibly excited to be featuring someone that I have been infatuated with for years now…her talent is awe-inspiring and overwhelming even just to think about. Erin Robertson hails from Provo, UT and is currently attending Massart (Massachusetts College of Art & Design) studying Fashion Design. Among her love for fashion, Erin also loves living in Boston and working at a great restaurant called Lucky's Lounge. She loves things like red bull, coffee, sparkles, hotdogs, googley eyes, and despises things like long winters, breaking a nail, bees, and getting her headphones caught and ripped out of her ears (something I myself can attest to). Along with Erin’s unique personality she displays an even more unique sense of style that is indescribable. I’ve always admired her ability to pull off things that no one else can, and she does it with the perfect amount of confidence. If I could explore this babes closet I’d probably run away with everything in it!

An Art Show 

Spray Foam Dress

Fabric Design


It was no surprise when Erin won the CFDA scholarship. Her designs are unique yet wearable and it's quite clear that she worked her ass off to get where she's at today. My personal favorite? The Jenga shoes... The minute I saw them I had to show everyone I knew, I was absolutely blown away. I cannot wait to see where Erin goes in the world of fashion, she is well on her way to the top! Just you watch...
UM: When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?

ERI realized in high school. My sister's best friend taught me how to sew and that changed everything. I took classes all through high school. Also, side note, I made my prom dress and went to prom with Jon Larsen.

UM: Where do you find most of your inspiration?

EREverywhere. It’s always something different. Right now I'm super inspired by painters. My classmate Jordan Piantedosi did that painting for an art show, and the other who I recently discovered is Imi Knoebel.

UM: Do you have a target audience that you’d like to sell your clothing to?

ERHa. I’m learning about target audience in class. Right now, it's a pretty wide range. But because I like to personalize everything, like printing my own fabric and such, it's like you'd have to have that cash.

UM: What matters to you most as a fashion designer?

ERDetails. I'm crazy about them. I’m a messy human, but if a garment is messy or something doesn't make sense. I like purrrfection.

UM: What is your favorite/least favorite part of the design process?

ER: Drawing fashion croquis or tech flats. There are also some steps in sewing that I h8.

UM: Do you enjoy designing shoes or clothes more?

ER: Kinda equally. They're both important to the whole image.

UM: What was the process like to apply for the CFDA scholarship?

ER: It started with inspiration. And as soon as it was presented in class, I knew I wanted to do it on Utah. It was amazing how it all fell into place, magical actually. At the time, my school didn't have this as the curriculum. So I was doing this on top of school work…and working as a waitress.

UM: Who are some of your favorite designers?

ER: Proenza Schouler, The Row, Ostwald Helgason, Prada, Philip Lim, Nicholas Ghesquiere, Carven. Those are some good ones.

UM: What are your plans once you graduate?

ER: NYC makes a lot of sense. I want to work with a design team, learn the fashion life. Or maybe become a fashion fine artist. 2016 is far away.

UM: Do you have any major goals as a fashion designer?

ER: Hmmmm… I wanna keep making whatever I want and get weird with it. Whatever that means.

*Photos provided by Erin Robertson and taken by Lizzie Viggiano [Art Show], Colin Cardinal [Spray Foam Dress], and Alipio Hernández [portraits of Erin/Fabric Design/Shoes].