At the beginning of a new year, it’s always fun to do something a little different. This is why I have decided to start with a male localista for 2013. While some may argue that it is difficult to come by a man who truly knows how to dress, I beg to differ. This week the gentleman of choice is Devan Brown. 

Devan is involved in the music industry, and he always looks his best whether he’s recording in the studio or up on stage with his band New City Skyline. This guy is lucky enough to pull off just about any look he attempts. Whether it’s denim on denim or a suit and tie, he has a way of taking it and making it his own. His style differs from day to day; sometimes he goes for surf casual, other days you can sense a bit of heavy metal. He is never short of inspiration! 

As far as people go, someone he admires is Jordan Buckley, a man talented in both the music he writes and the clothes he designs. Some of his favorite places to shop are Asos, Nordstrom, and Bastille. And staples in his wardrobe include a good pair of jeans, and an even better pair of boots. 

For more information on Devan’s band go to and be sure to watch for dates for their Sundance shows and upcoming tour!

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