This week I’m putting Tanner Stevenett on your Ugly Mag radar. This fine gentleman works over at Bastille so he is fortunate enough to see all the goods before the rest of us, hence the reason for his great wardrobe. When he buys something new, his first thought is what it’s going to look like in a few years after it’s been worn in a bit. He prefers to stick to items that are simple solid colors, and the only pattern he wears is red flannel. A statement he made that I think many of us can agree on is that “no one should underestimate the simplicity of a black t-shirt and jeans” that is a go to outfit for not just men, but women as well.

When it comes to people and things that influence him, Tanner doesn’t pay much attention to designers and fashion icons. He prefers mixing classic worker-wear with a sense of rock and roll. Things like simple button-ups and heavy sweaters, along with denim and leather jackets. Daily interactions and various sites online are often what inspire him most. He’s a big fan of denim and says that “A lot of people are timid about getting into a pair of rock hard jeans, but once you break them in it’s the most rewarding thing in the world. Put your cleanliness standards aside by not washing them for six months to a year and let your favorite pair tell your story for you.” He also loves a nice pair of black boots and has a pretty large collection of them! Of course Tanner’s favorite place to shop is the wonderful Bastille, as it has a fantastic variety of designer brands and styles, and he loves to support local business. Other than that he sticks to places like H&M or Urban Outfitters and frequents Nudie Jeans’ online store.

Fashion tips from this chap are as follows: “Don't fix it if it ain't broke! Just because something has been in your closet for three years doesn't mean it's not the best piece in there. Wear it in, beat it up, rip holes and be carefree. Just because you spent $200 on it doesn't mean you need to baby it! Most of my favorite go-to pieces are beat to shit and falling apart.” Thank you to Tanner and his lovely wife Anna, who we featured last week, for being a part of Ugly Mag!

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