Ranna Goran is a girl after my own heart. She knows what she likes and she wears everything with confidence. She prefers to mix and match expensive pieces with the cheap and chic things she finds at random chain stores throughout Salt Lake. She’s got an old soul made for vintage and she’s not afraid to throw in her heavy metal favorites to mix it up. She loves to thrift, specifically at Thrift Town, and she always finds a quality pair of shoes at Nordstrom. 

As far as who influences her fashion choices, she loves designers like Rodarte and thinks Gwen Stefani’s style is iconic. Ranna’s favorite trends are platform heels, leopard print, and leather, leather, leather. Her biggest piece of advice: “Wear what is comfortable, be yourself, just don’t wear flip flops!” If you’re ever out on the town and in need of a good mixed drink, don’t be afraid to stop by and pay Ranna a visit at Twilite Lounge on 347 East 200 South.
1/29/2018 02:48:44 am

Well, She is definitely ugly!


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