This week’s localista is Andrea Brown. Andrea is a 22-year-old model from Salt Lake with legs for days, and an overall eclectic style. We met at local hot spot Nostalgia (248E 100S) and found out all there is to know about what she looks for in fashion. 

Andrea’s style is based on her mood, generally she gravitates towards styles from the 80’s and 90’s but it depends on how she feels from day-to-day. She likes to find pieces that no one else has, so she does most of her shopping at places like the DI or any thrift store she comes upon. Andrea has worked in places like Korea and Shanghai, so a lot of her clothing has been purchased while working overseas.

As far as who and what inspires her, she says that she is influenced greatly by those around her, friends especially! She loves anyone with a good street style and really admires designer Alexander Wang.

Her favorite part about modeling is the travel, she jumps at the opportunity to go out and work with talent from all around the world. As far as local artists, most recently she has enjoyed working with photographers such as Jozef Mitchell, Zuzanna Audette, and Steven Stone.
Here are links for some of Andrea’s most recent work for Estero Magazine and Zuriick’s newest campaign, “Unidentified”.

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