I’ve had my eye on MaKayla Robinson ever since the day we met. I don’t know if there is another person’s style that I identify with as much as I do hers. Makayla’s style is always changing; she gravitates towards fashion from the 70’s and 90’s and says that if those two time period’s had a love child, it would be her. 

She’s influenced by designers like Givenchy, and people such as the great Kate Moss and up and coming actress, Gillian Zinser. Pinterest is also a major source of inspiration for her as well as the music she listens to. 

While shopping, MaKayla prefers to look online or go to places like Urban Outfitters and various thrift stores. Her favorite trends to sport are biker boots, big sweaters with skinny jeans, and as you can see from her enviable mane, ombré hair. Tips from this babe are “when in doubt, wear black on black. Oh, and you can never have too many button ups… trust me, my closet is full of them!” 

MaKayla works over at Ulysses on 629 South and State Street at (801) 953-0954). Give them a call if you are in need of some hairapy! 

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