For the next two weeks I will be featuring probably one of the most stylish couples in Salt Lake, Anna and Tanner Stevenett. First, Anna. Upon initially meeting her, I distinctly remember lusting after the outfit she had on at the time. Why I haven’t featured her sooner is beyond me! 

Anna says she doesn’t have a defined style, she prefers to wear whatever she is in the mood for which often leads to her changing outfits multiple times a day. Sometimes if she has an outfit she’s particularly fond of, she won’t hesitate to wear it a few days in a row! She is influenced by two of perhaps the greatest staples in the fashion industry, Kate Moss and Alexa Chung, as well as her friends who have great style too. She says that style has a lot to do with personality; you can sense it in what a person wears. 

Anna finds daily inspiration from her favorite movies, books, and bands, and says that her grandma had excellent style! When she shops, she prefers to do it online at places like Gilt, Net-A-Porter, Topshop, ASOS, and Madewell. She can always find a gem at the D.I. or H&M as well.

Anna prefers to stick to classic, structured pieces paired with one of her husband’s old T-shirts. She says that black is always a go-to color for her, and that she loves a good blazer, and just about anything velvet.

Fashion tips from this gem are so perfectly worded that I don’t even want to alter them in the slightest… “I'm a firm believer in wearing that which is flattering to you personally. I don't buy into the trends that don't look good on me. I also think it's important to always feel like you. Of all the people I look to for inspiration, if I ever feel more like them than me, I'm not comfortable.”

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