I've always been the type of person who finds it painfully difficult to pair words with feelings, instant infatuations, and my inspirations. Basically, I suck at communicating. Over the last couple of years while working in the exhausting world of retail, I started paying attention to marketing and how brands use emotionally driven words to attach you to their product or collection. From what you've seen so far from what I've shared here on UGLY, I'm not a name brand person. I value the vision and hard work of designers and only after I fall in love with a piece at first sight to do turn the garment for a tag to see who created it. 

The images I'm sharing with you today are just a few of the stylish, fun, and boyish pieces I instantly fell for recently. I have no idea who created them, I have no idea who is modeling them, all I know is that they are brilliant. The first image above features an all white jumper of love and joy. The way the top of the jumper accentuates the shoulders, collar bones, then plunges into a deeper neck line is nothing short of sexy and sophisticated. As we get to the pinched and tied high waist that leads into overly long and baggy legs creates the perfect masculine touch in this other wise feminine and dainty piece. I'll be honest, I think the bangles are a little much and the earrings don't even fit in. I love the hair! Replace the long earrings with shiny (maybe expensive?) studs and replace the bangles with lots of layers of soft and dainty bracelets. Oh and a classic watch. Now we've got it.

Today its all about WHITE. Wearing an all white outfit is not only attractive and bold but exudes confidence.
 Photo Credit- I Love Wild Fox.
These three images are making me drool. Just a little bit. Ok, all over. How good are these outfits!? The first image is killing me with how effortlessly chic yet comfortable it looks. Major props to pairing a white beanie with this outfit instead of black or color. I seriously wish this gal had thrown on a white pair of pumps or even white sneakers. Some white Converses would have completed this look. The flowing material of the skirt and top with the pinched waist allows you to feel girly while still comfortable and ugh... you know I'm still swooning over that beanie.

The second image is easily my favorite of the bunch. SO so so my style. The asymmetrical blazer, baggy white tee, good quality large flowing bottoms, white shoes, paired with a black clutch and amber toned sunnies. STOP IT. Whats a girl gotta do to have this hanging in her closet? Who do I need to become best friends with? Guess I'll need to get creative an put a look together for myself inspired from this. The hair is perfection as well. Parted down the center, pulled softly into what I'm visualizing is a messy and effortless bun, then soft stringy pieces hanging in the front. Enough said.

Ah image three. Last but not least. Again, a seriously killer white top. What I love most about this photo is the makeup that they paired with the clothes. Natural, flawless, and uncontrived skin, no color in sight, perfected brow, soft nude lip, and hello! Gorgeous bold matte black winged liner. 

White people. Get on it.

Photo Credit 1, 2, 3.

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