We've been seeing a wave of neon for a while now and yes, it WAS "so last summer." 
But guess, what? Its "SO this summer" too. So embrace it. I have! 
When the neon train strolled in I wasn't quite sure I was going to jump aboard. That was until last summer when I treated myself to a gel manicure and rocked some seriously killer neon yellow nails. I wasn't ready for a huge leap and nails did the trick. And they'll do it for you too. If you don't want to flash neon in your ensemble, choose something more subtle like a nail or lip color. Men? please just rock a neon bow tie. Everyone will love it. 
This image captures everything I hope this summer is and more! Water, wet hair, tan skin, perfect complexion  and neon nails. Let a girl dream ok!?
I feel so awkward with the images I've chosen. Although, that in itself is fairly normal. In my day to day life I see the beauty in structured neutrals with solid lines and different hem lengths. But whenever I'm stuck in the darkest circle of the Pinterest abyss, these are the types of looks I find myself swooning over. I LOVE, repeat... LOVE these two outfits. So damn girly in every sense of the word. And I want to eat it for breakfast so I ooze with feminity all day long. Men, these looks may seem over-the-top to you but I promise, sliding into one dress and one pair of heels is a hell of a lot faster than throwing on jeans and a t-shirt. So let us dress up once and a while OK? 

When color blocking was in full swing, I found myself nearly projectile vomiting onto my computer. My head was confused, my heart didn't understand, and I wasn't about to wear a green top, orange bottoms, and neon pink heels. Sorry world, you won't get it from me. These two looks however, I would rock all day long. And just for the record, I've completely warmed up to "color blocking." I've even go so far as to say I've consciously put together outfits for the trend. There I said it. 

The first image is modern chic to a "t". Messy natural waves, classic bold black cat eye glasses, the perfect coral dress, long lean and tan legs, that finish with the most amazing shade of neon yellow-green heels. Yep, I'll take two please.

The second image, who are you? How do your legs look like that? And can we be best friends so I can borrow this dress? Floral dress (with the BEST umbrella shape ever), neon orange bag paired with neon orange heels. Too easy my friends. 
I included these two images just in case you haven't had enough neon yet this morning. Drink it in! 

I love the combination of yellow-green and bright blue. Easily the best neon combo in my opinion. And NO ONE looks like that on the beach. Ever. Sorry. 
My word. Could it be the best fall ensemble with a dash of neon? Why yes, yes it is. Just my style too. I own far too much black. When I saw this outfit I imagined myself getting ready in the morning, naturally gravitating towards everything black in my closet and voila! Who knew a pea green neon skirt was all I needed to mix it up a little bit. I doubt I'd get any phone numbers that day but heck, who needs 'em. I love that every piece in this look is also opaque. So good! And don't even get me going about that shiny black bag.... ugh. This is Neon's day Black. Simmer down, I promise Black will have lots of days.

Get on it my friends! And let me know what neon trends your ALL about. 
xx- SN

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