Is there anything better than a man in a cardigan? Theres something about an older man rocking his distinguished facial hair, greying locks, and a masculine cardigan that just gets me all hot and bothered. 
And no, I'm not talking about 80 year old men or Mr. Rogers. Just take a looksy below and see what I mean. 
I think you'll happily agree with me. 
Okay, okay. So this gent doesn't quite have silver locks but he's making up for that with all this grey-on-grey action. Grey, its so hot right now. This look is from a new ZARA collection and I pretty much drooled two seconds into viewing it. Although if you know me you know I have a mild illness when it comes to ZARA. Totally obsessed. Can you agree now? Men in cardigans = hot hot hot. I love the business casual feel of this particular look and think the white button up was a perfect pairing in between all the grey.
When it comes to layering I love a good blazer with a button up and a skinny tie. This particular blazer rules because of 1- its unique collar and open neck line, 2- the brown (maybe wood?) buttons, 3- the round hem at the bottom, and 4- the large uniquely placed pockets. The material used offers a more laid back and fashion forward approach to an otherwise business suit look and feel. I LOVE this piece. The entire look is laid back yet structured. Anyone else totally ok with the grey on white paired with a dark tie? Yes please.
Image: Philip Crangi. 

You've probably seen this man before on the internet but if you haven't, you're welcome. He creates fine jewelry and always has impeccable style. He has been featured on 'The Coveteur' for his jewelry designs and more likely than not you've seen his images floating round the Pinterest universe on boards such as 'Men Style' or 'Hey There, Stud'. And for good reason. I love this image of him. He pairs classic pieces with rugged worn out touches and it really doesn't get better folks. Does it need to? He seems like a pretty man who would climb the s*** out of a mountain. Carrying you and the cooler all while having better hair than you.

His peacoat, to me, looks like the perfect shade of navy and only Philip could get away with popping the collar and not look like a complete tool. Oh it DOES get better. Underneath the peacoat there is a light denim jacket and below that jacket is a denim button up shirt. Denim on denim= win. At least in 2013 it does. Dark jeans and cream boots? I could die.
You're kidding me right? Light button up with rolled up sleeves and an unbuttoned collar, yes. Grey vest, yes. Simple dark denim jeans rolled up flood style, oh my. "Sockless" rich brown fancy shoes, now I'm done. I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THIS. Men, take some notes. This isn't a hard look to achieve and its so simple and understatedly handsome. The grey hair doesn't hurt. Gentlemen, I promise we love your age and all the awesome silver that comes with it. Stop trying to change that. 

There is a reason I saved this image for last. Its easily the most simple ensemble to base your style around while picking up a few new tips along the way. There is nothing wrong with dressing a little nicer than most every day but don't get me wrong, I love a good jean and t-shirt day. 

Ladies, you're welcome. And men... well you're welcome too. 

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