Not everyone can pull off an ensemble that includes a killer hat. Or can they?.... DUH. Don't anger me. OF COURSE you can pull off any hat style. All you need is a little confidence. Here is proof my friends. Some street style shots where some seriously gorgeous hats are featured.
"The only thing that separates us from animals is our ability to accessorize." That's right, I just got all Claire from 'Steel Magnolias' on you. Isn't it true? We only live once people. You've got to rock a killer hat once in a while. Whenever I feel uninspired or that I've entered a stage of 'identity crisis' I turn to a little visual inspiration. Yes, Pinterest. Judge away. The first time you wear a large fedora, big beanie  or safari style hat you always feel a little insecure. Guess what? The rest of us are looking at you like "damn girl, I need that hat." So just do it. Okay?

It doesn't hurt if you pair some curly yet uncontrived locks under that brim with a jean button up or a loose white tee. Heck pack on some bangles and rings while you're at it. Keep your makeup soft, effortless, and pair it with a little color. Like MAC's 'Ruby Woo' or NARS's 'Dragon Girl.'
I mean, for real. Just look at these images! This accessory doesn't need to be over thought. In fact, it should be just the opposite. So what you're hair is two days old. SO what you had a crazy night last night. No one needs to know. Put on your tattered boyfriend jeans, kitten heels, stripped tee, bright lip, curl those locks, and HAT IT UP. The key here ladies, is to mix fun pieces with an overall laid back look.
Go Fashionista:
A bold black brim hat adds an elegant look to an otherwise every day ensemble. This look is breaking my heart in the best way. How can you look so cool and aloof yet so high-end at the same time? Teach me your ways girlfriend. The flowy top and bottoms pair perfectly with the floppy brim. And don't even get me started on my love affair with black and white clothing.
The Effortless Cool Girl: 
You all know her. You all secretly despise her. You all secretly want to be her best friend. That is what you are seeing her my friends. WHO looks this good in baggy jeans, a baggy t-shirt smothered by a leather jacket, and topped off with a large hat? That's it. I'm attempting this. BRILLIANT.

If you've learned anything from this, its that you need to rock your brims. Large or small, rock your brims.
Over and out, SN xx

*ALL images sourced from Pinterest HERE.

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