You either love nerd glasses or you love to hate them.

Aaaah, refreshing. Theres nothing I love more than calling out all you nerd glasses haters. Thats right. Those of you who bash the glorious bold black frames only to find yourselves pining over your own pair daydreaming about what hair style and jacket you would align with them. You think to yourself... "should I go with a classic black frame?... or a bold bright color?... would they make me look like I'm trying too hard?" And while all these thoughts are simmering inside your head, we're all out on the town having fun rocking the darn things. Just GET OVER IT. They are hot and always will be. But by all means, don't wear them. It gives myself more open opportunities to do so.

Best example ever is the image above. Buttoned up polka dot blouse, sleek extreme side part pony, a bold lip, and thick framed black nerd glasses. Sophisticated, sexy, and NEVER trying too hard.
Nerd glasses are the perfect accessory in my opinion. You can wear your hair up, down, or have no hair at all and you instantly look just a tad more appealing. Now what is to argue with there? Even Brigitte Bardot got the sexy nerd glasses memo. My favorite is styling the hair up, grabbing your nerdiest of nerdy glasses, and pairing them with some big and bold earrings. It accentuates your cheekbones, neck line, and collarbones. Yum?
Ladies, do you see how easy your makeup routine can be if you just whip on your nerdy's? Fresh skin (whether its sheer and dewy or full and matte), soft contour to accentuate your bone structure, a dash of blush for a real glow, eye brightener to avoid dark circles and redness, then basic brows, lashes, liner and a full bodied and colorful lip. That is how its done my friends. Instantly sexy. Instantly stylish. Instantly more interesting. 

Now go, get your nerdy's on. 

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