You thought you understood the ever constant rise of florals in Spring fashion but according to European designers, in 2014 floral prints are anything but light and inviting. Instead prepare yourself for a slap in the face with deep shades and something more sinister. 

Textures are metallic and tones are gem like. Specifically sapphire. Sporty street style meets high fashion meets romanticism. And androgynous? Very. Did you expect anything else from me? I'm a sucker for high fashion pieces that can be sported by all sexes. 

Lets all put our hands together for this gorgeous, jaw dropping ensemble by designer Haider Ackermann. So sexy. So romantic. Yet edgy. My kind of man.

<--- Sapphire. Ruby. Black. Mixed patterns. Puffy sleeves. High cuffs. Understated scarf (we can see you, and we love you). Slick hair. And tattoos. Those tattoos! This look is brilliant. The harmonious combination of effort and effortless. With a dash of fashion of course. 

Whats a proper mens fashion article with out a couple of killer suits? Especially suits of the bronze and somewhat homeless looking varietal. SWOONING.

created by Dolce & Gabbana 
Wow. Wow. Wow. So simple yet the undeniable attention to detail is awe worthy. Have you looked at that collar? The wide V paired with  crisp white lines purposefully add a masculine quality while dragging your attention into the bronze jacket. Then we are treated to the smallest exposure of the bronze vest resting below. Such a tease! Let us see this man holding the blazer with that bronze vest exposed in all its glory. Front pleat? yes! White cuffs? yes! And those shoes? Stop it. Just stop it.

created by Yohji Yamamoto 
Now if you know me, and I think some of you do. You know my heart belongs to androgyny and somewhat homeless looking attire. Whether it be fashion forward or more of a street style approach. If you look like you know exactly what you're doing yet you embody an element of mess or chaos, I pretty much want to be your best friend. Instantly fell in love with this look and image. 

The loose fitting white tee. The baggy and loose fitting black suit. High cuffs for the win. Long white scarf hanging loose, as it should be. Casual shoes. A black fedora. And can we talk about that white beard? 

Ok, now not many of us would waltz around this word for our day to day activities sporting the previous three ensembles but this look is something I hope you all consider.

Sporty. Simple. Most likely comfortable. And still making a statement. I can totally envision myself in this outfit. I don't hate it. Sporty attire paired with perfect hair and makeup? I won't say no. 

Created by Kris Van Assche. 
I'm enjoying the bagginess of the pants that slightly come in towards the ankle and what am I seeing there? Higher cuffs. GET ON BOARD MEN. This is hot and in my opinion, screams confidence. 

European designers have definitely pushed the mark for Spring 2014. Just when I thought "Florals for spring? how unique", I was ransacked with these glorious collections. Its a reminder that fashion and design is an ever growing art and a form of creative expression. Past ideas CAN be recreated and morphed into something new. This is the first time, in a while, fashion has opened up my eyes to the idea of recreation while introducing something new.

Stay creative. Stay true to you. Most of all, STAY UGLY.