Holy suits. Holy beards. Holy where are these men in real life? With these gorgeous men to stare at I'm betting most of you aren't even reading this. Am I right? Seriously, I don't blame you. It won't hurt my feelings. I'm struggling to write this article myself. Maybe my most knee weakening, jaw dropping, heart racing article to date. Ok, I'll stop. 
I was exposed to this deliciousness via good old Esquire last week when they previewed the first view of the Suitsupply Spring/Summer 2014 collection in THIS article. 

The most fascinating and mind blowing part of this collection is the style in which it was launched. Models were placed in front of the iconic paintings of Rembrandt in the Rikjas Museum in Amsterdam. The colors and moods of the paintings served as a canvas for the suits themselves really bringing to life the colors and mood of the collection. 

"Rich tobaccos, soothing creams, mojito greens, and a melange of muted hues gave the trim tailoring a fresh edge." -Wendell Brown of Esquire. Couldn't agree with you more Wendell. 

While the colors and fabrics are strong the suits are surprisingly wearable and you'll find lots of 3 piece suits in this collection that are perfect for summer. The days of men casually wearing tailored blazers and vests are back! Out with the 90's band t-shirts and in with the tailored suits! Yes please.

So men, how many of you plan on rocking these pieces? You can't say no them. And, from a woman, neither can we. Bring it. We're ready.

Stay UGLY.
xo- SN