I'm obsessed with androgyny. Whether it be with fashion, hair, or makeup there's always something to be said about a women who is 100% confident rocking masculine looks. Plus, bravo for looking better in your boyfriends pants than he does. 

There are many ways to pull off this look. In an elegant, timeless, and chic fashion you can layer structured pieces such as what you see above on Eva Green. All you need is a tailored blazer over a cardigan covered button up collard shirt and a tie for good measure. I love the added pattern of stripes and the subtle detail on the tie. Do you love her glamourous 30's/40's hair with this otherwise manly attire? I sure do. 

Or, you can channel your inner mountain man and rock an oversized beanie paired with baggy and distressed boyfriend jeans and a baggy plaid shirt. I recommend pairing this ensemble with dainty kitten heels and a lot of fun bracelets and rings. Maybe throw in a killer nail color too.
Now these looks have me drooling. Can I snap my fingers and have these looks in my closet asap? Pretty please, and thank you. The look on the left keeps it simple yet so so perfect with the play on hem lines, textures, and the overall structure of the individual pieces. Some pieces are skin tight, others are loose and hang off the body. The boots are the perfect mixture of sexy and strong and the hair is uncontrived. Killer.

The look on your right mixes some of my favorite pieces and layering techniques. I won't lie, I kind of love this whole 2013 denim-on-denim trend. The pop of color with the emerald green heels and the sapphire blue squares on the blazer add just enough flare for you to keep the accessories, makeup, and hair to a minimum. In fact, you SHOULD be rocking the baseball cap look with this. And please, for the love.. don't forget your aviators. 

1&2- Could not find original image source. Found via pinterest. 
3. All Saints womens Spring 2013 lookbook
4. In the City with Crystalin
I'm having a hard time concentrating this morning due to the fact that I'm enjoying a brisk (yes, brisk!) morning in the desert on a patio of one of my favorite coffee shops, with a small coffee, and there are puppies EVERYWHERE. Oh. My. Heavens. 

Summer is seriously right around the corner my friends. I promise! And with the sun shinning bright and only days away from 100 degree temps *starts making face at cute puppy* I think its a perfect time for us to chat about sunglasses.*staring at another cuddly puppy making a squishy face* Ok, I'll stop. Someone get me a dog and we'll be back to business. 

Now the real question is, how much are you willing to spend on your sun blockers? When it comes to accessories I've got to admit, I'm a "quality vs quantity" kind of gal. BUT, with the onslaught of fabulous shades readily available via H&M, Madewell, TopShop, and even Nordstrom Rack I'm starting to reconsider my "Sunny Snob" ways. I couldn't believe how amazing the prices were on some name brand sunnies at Nordstrom Rack. I found a pair of lavender retro Ray-Ban's for $65! Whaaaat? Get out. And I'll take two.
For me, the biggest struggle is finding a pair of shades with a shape that is flattering to my five head. Thats right, I have a ginormous forehead. Its ok, I've accepted it. I know many of you have also struggled finding the perfect style for your face shape and luckily, there are mirrors everywhere! Just try them on folks. Thats the only way you are ever going to learn what looks the best on you. I'm giving this common advice because I am totally the customer who never tries anything on and ends up returning items because they looked funky on me.  Below I've included a list of some HOT sunglasses for you to check out. Get it!
1- Ray-Ban 58mm Aviator Sunglasses
2- MARC by Marc Jacos 54mm Retro Sunglasses
3- Kate Spade New York 'Dellas' Sunglasses 
4- H&M Aviator Sunglasses 
5- Madewell Hepcat Shades 
6- Celine Sunglasses

With my upcoming Vegas trip all I can think about is shopping. Shopping for all the outfits I apparently just have to have for a much needed weekend getaway. 

Stay UGLY!

Xx- SN
Not everyone can pull off an ensemble that includes a killer hat. Or can they?.... DUH. Don't anger me. OF COURSE you can pull off any hat style. All you need is a little confidence. Here is proof my friends. Some street style shots where some seriously gorgeous hats are featured.
"The only thing that separates us from animals is our ability to accessorize." That's right, I just got all Claire from 'Steel Magnolias' on you. Isn't it true? We only live once people. You've got to rock a killer hat once in a while. Whenever I feel uninspired or that I've entered a stage of 'identity crisis' I turn to a little visual inspiration. Yes, Pinterest. Judge away. The first time you wear a large fedora, big beanie  or safari style hat you always feel a little insecure. Guess what? The rest of us are looking at you like "damn girl, I need that hat." So just do it. Okay?

It doesn't hurt if you pair some curly yet uncontrived locks under that brim with a jean button up or a loose white tee. Heck pack on some bangles and rings while you're at it. Keep your makeup soft, effortless, and pair it with a little color. Like MAC's 'Ruby Woo' or NARS's 'Dragon Girl.'
I mean, for real. Just look at these images! This accessory doesn't need to be over thought. In fact, it should be just the opposite. So what you're hair is two days old. SO what you had a crazy night last night. No one needs to know. Put on your tattered boyfriend jeans, kitten heels, stripped tee, bright lip, curl those locks, and HAT IT UP. The key here ladies, is to mix fun pieces with an overall laid back look.
Go Fashionista:
A bold black brim hat adds an elegant look to an otherwise every day ensemble. This look is breaking my heart in the best way. How can you look so cool and aloof yet so high-end at the same time? Teach me your ways girlfriend. The flowy top and bottoms pair perfectly with the floppy brim. And don't even get me started on my love affair with black and white clothing.
The Effortless Cool Girl: 
You all know her. You all secretly despise her. You all secretly want to be her best friend. That is what you are seeing her my friends. WHO looks this good in baggy jeans, a baggy t-shirt smothered by a leather jacket, and topped off with a large hat? That's it. I'm attempting this. BRILLIANT.

If you've learned anything from this, its that you need to rock your brims. Large or small, rock your brims.
Over and out, SN xx

*ALL images sourced from Pinterest HERE.