In my opinion, when it comes to style and fashion, there is nothing better than the harmonious union of over-the-top, glitzy, flashy pieces mixed with simple (almost comfortable) pieces that carry a humble yet chic and elegant air. Take the two top images for example. Both looks are fashion forward, sophisticated, and are top of the line quality. They are comfortable yet unique and still accentuate the feminine silhouette. 

What initially drew me to these two looks was the play on lines and shapes. I love the long open slit on the blue cardigan mixed with the high square collar. If you're going to keep it simple, make it interesting. With the second grey top, again.. the hem lines. Wonderful! Also, those sleeves?? Get out of here. 
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If we're going to chat about the perfect mixture of femininity and comfort, then let's rock these three looks from the DKNY S2013 RTW collection. How are you not drooling over these pieces right now? Let alone the entire vibe of the collection. If I can pull off looking like a tomboy and feeling classy and sexy at the same time you better believe I will be ALL over that. Yes, DKNY. I'll take one of everything please. 

What I also found fascinating about this collection was the simple use of black and white with more of an emphasis in materials used, hem lines, and dramatic styles such as the high slits, strong square shoulders, and the wedge/hightop/Back-to-the-Futuresque sneakers. Theres really nothing more timeless than this look. Or more fun, am I right?

*Images Creditd 1, 2, 3.
Now, for some drama. My heart might explode over this first image you see here. The design, the print, the embellishments, the round collar emphasizing collar bones, the fringe, the white bottoms, the rings, oh my. My, oh my. You can't look at this ensemble and not fall in love. Doesn't hurt that they paired a killer hair and makeup job with this shot. Or that the model has the best white blonde hair on this planet. I would gladly go grocery shopping in this disgustingly expensive outfit. Who wouldn't?

Its not often you can rock a bustier in your everyday attire. The right hand image may be a more over-the-top version of how you and I would style this look for our errands but ladies, it can be done! Keep it neutral. The use of blush and white with a dash of cream is perfection. Not overly dramatic with color and the blazer keeps it professional and humble. And heck, why not throw a mix of that DKNY collection into this look and rock it with a hat and sneakers. I know I would. 
*Images Credited 1, 2.

When it comes to style and fashion, what are YOU naturally drawn to? The mysterious, dark, and artistic styles of Alexander McQueen and Mugler? or the whimsical, romantic, and luxurious collections of Alice + Olivia and BCBG Max Zaria? 
02/18/2013 7:57am

Hi Steph, I love your writing. You have a lot of talent!!

Stephanie Neiheisel
02/18/2013 9:39am

Thanks Annie! I'm glad you're liking my articles and thank you so much for checking them out!


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