I don't think there are words strong enough to help you grasp just how in love I am with the Alexander McQueen Spring 2013 collection. I am speechless. I am in awe. I am mesmerized. And frankly, it puts me in the mood for a little honey.
Sarah Burton's Alexander McQueen collection is an eye full of feminine silhouettes highlighting only the most sexy and feminine aspects of a woman while simultaneously (and impressively) combining chic with a little bit of structured madness. The honeycomb shapes on the hats (modern beekeeper anyone? I don't hate it) and ankle heels, mermaid pencil skirts, pinched waists, structured and angular tops that accentuate the chest and collar bones, and thick chockers are all key pieces in this darkly gorgeous collection. In my opinion, this collection belongs untouched adorned in a museum somewhere for the world to admire.
Uhm, modern day princess anyone? My new goal in life is to write a child's book with princess' wearing these designer dresses. Don't steal my idea! Its patented. Wait... does this already exist? Anyway, how brilliant is the use of Amber and Yellow in this collection? specifically in these two dresses. The use of materials and textures has me captivated. I could stare at these piece for hours. And I'm kinda sorta obsessed with the yellow ankle socks in the left hand photo above. Basically, I NEED IT ALL. Perfection.

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