Every gym gets them, the swarm of new members that each New Year brings. It happens for maybe a month or two until the hype of the resolution wears off, and it’s back to the regular participants. But, if you’re feeling gung-ho on keeping the resolution strong, it’s time to invest in the wardrobe. Good workout attire is a necessity if you’re planning on squeezing in that sweat-sesh between other happenings throughout your day. If you’re anything like me you’ll be running from one place to another trying to get errands taken care of between work and other various activities. Most of the time I get lucky and slide on by without running into people I know, but the times that I do cross paths with a familiar face, I’m always really mad at myself if I look like a sloppy mess. Then again, who doesn’t look like a mess after spending some time in the gym? Regardless, I’ve found some affordable options to choose from that will take you from sweaty to stylish, sweat or no sweat.

Every season I find myself trying to spot the face that repeats the most on the runways. This season, after going through show after show...I've chosen Russian beauty Sasha Luss. How could you not notice that insanely gorgeous face reoccurring on your screen show after show after show? She literally walked for every big name in the industry. I remember seeing her walk at a show I attended in New York, she was wearing a long black backless dress and everyone around me could not stop talking about how brilliant she was. That is why I've chosen her as my pick for the month. I don't doubt this is only the beginning of a very long career for her! Maybe you'll agree? Take a look at some of her looks from S/S 2014 and give us your thoughts!
While packing for my trip last night I realized that my knack for over-packing is a massive hang up. I’ve got ten outfits for five days in New York, and I don’t even see it as being a problem…which is a probably the problem. Who wants to haul a load of luggage around the city?! I’ve done it once before (NYFW Fall 2011 RTW shows) and it was a literal pain in my neck, and my shoulders, and my dainty little wrists. NEVER AGAIN! Generally when I travel I just shove a bunch of random, mismatched, rubbish in a suitcase and pull it together as I go. Not this time. I have my outfits down pat and I’ve got options galore because lord knows the minute I get there I’m going to hate everything I brought, isn’t that just how it goes? Anyway, I’m incredibly excited to be able to share this adventure with everyone… Prepare for Instagram overload (follow us @uglymag/@jruss9 for all the coverage)! Oh, and be sure to check up on our Pinterest page as the best intern in the world, Katie Tingey, keeps up with all of her favorite looks from the runway! Last of all, I leave you with some tunes to get you in the fashion week spirit. If you’re like me, you really love music that suits a particular occasion… These are some of my favorites to have streaming from my headphones as A. I over-pack for the trip B. I’m on my flight attempting to ignore screaming children and the person next to me who always wants to talk C. I’m rushing through the streets in NYC disregarding all street signs and crossing the road when clearly it says not to. Maybe you’ll enjoy these as much as I do… If not, oh well, STAY UGLY, and I’ll see you in New York!

Hôtel Costes Albums

For me, these albums are the epitome of chic music. The album covers say it all. If you're into lounge music, these ones will really get you feeling fashionable even if you're sitting in your sweats in the comfort of your own home. Bada-bing-bada-boom, happy listening.
My editor’s pick for August is a special edition! Seeing as how the bell is about to ring and school will be back in session I thought I’d share some of my necessities for those of you heading back for fall semester. No matter what year of school you’re in, each one of these items is applicable to you and your classmates.
To begin with, you can never go wrong with a classic blazer. During the colder months I find myself wearing one more often than I should admit… It’s great for layering and it's the perfect item to always have in your closet. It can take you from day to night effortlessly. The next item I feel we cannot do without this fall is the beanie. Personally I’ve become a fan of the statement beanies that get everyone staring at you, trying to read what it says on your forehead. I’ll give you fair warning though, if you do not like attention, do not wear these beanies. It could get awkward, trust me... I know. For example, I've got one that says "YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US" and I cannot tell you how many times I had people ask if they could sit with me. Some of them would even get all up in my personal space due to poor eyesight and I often had to back away slowly. Was it worth it? Definitely, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The last two on my list are not completely relevant to your wardrobe, but they are wicked additions. First, I always try and have a good book to read, whether you’re in-between classes, on a lunch break, or just about to hop into bed, there is always time to be enlightened. The book I just finished titled, It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be was given to me as a gift, and upon finishing it I deemed it one of the greatest gifts of all time. Perhaps it was because an entire page was dedicated to Victoria Beckham, my idol, I can't be too sure... Regardless, whenever I mention it to others I’m always overwhelmed with commendation about how much they loved the book and wanted everyone to read it. Now I can say I agree with them in full, get on it! 

Last the best of all the game, I suggest a killer pair of headphones. Even though it’s a total bummer you’re back in school and summer has come to an end, you can’t go wrong when you put your headphones on. I constantly had mine on when I’d stroll from class to class, because listening to my favorite track always had a way of getting me through that next hour or two. At the moment, I’d suggest songs like Tom Ford by Jay Z, It's Over by Beatrice Eli, Always On The Run by Yuksek, Sell It by BRMC, and My World by Iggy Azalea. Go on and take a listen, there's something for everyone! I'd love to know what your necessities are for the next semester of life, school or no school. Whether it be clothing or music, feel free to share with us, and stay Ugly!
Elle DenmarkElle Denmark
Lately I’ve been dwelling on the days of my fashionable youth… days when my mother would force me to wear things like pleather pants or cardigans with fur collars to my 5th grade class… Faux fur AND leather? Who did she think I was?  Perhaps the worst outfit of all was the turtleneck/overall combo. I recall having a few pairs of velvet overalls and they were many a varied color. I absolutely dreaded going to school in those ensembles; everyone would laugh and question my sanity yet I dealt with it time after time. Faking sick wouldn’t help either, because tomorrow was just another opportunity for a fantastic display of pleather. It did however, get progressively easier to handle. Little did I know at the time, I was probably the most stylish girl in school.

Thanks to my mother those then-outrageous outfits gave me the courage to confidently rock things no one else dared to, throughout the remainder of my school years. She had to have known that this is who I would turn into…I blame (thank) her for my wonder years in pleather because without those moments, I’d probably be wearing… well, the crap you see every ratty haired girl at the mall wearing.

Now, all of this boils down to one thing; my editor’s pick for the month. An article of clothing that caused so much anxiety, even just at the thought for many, many years: OVERALLS. Still to this day there are many that vow to never repeat the terrible trend of the 90’s… but those of us who are willing to break that vow of silence, are doing it and (hopefully) we are doing it well. When paired with the right pieces, this is a trend that can make any of us wonder why we ever put it to rest in the first place. It’s boyish and fun but with the right pair of heels they can easily be taken from day to night. 

Balmain Resort 2014

What are your thoughts on this trend being brought back from the dead? And what did you hate wearing when you were growing up? Spill it below and STAY UGLY!
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White is a color that everyone seems to be afraid of. Guess what, I get it. It's intimidating, especially if you're prone to spillage. Even if you aren't messy, other people are. Some clumsy text-and-walker may not be paying attention to where she’s going and spill her non-fat-soy-skinny coffee drink all over your pristinely clean outfit. We all know how it goes! I attempted this trend last year, shortly after Labor Day (because "rules" don't apply to me, especially senseless ones such as no white after Labor Day). Unfortunately I wore it to an event jam-packed with people dancing whilst carrying drinks tinted with the colors of the rainbow. By the time I got home I was a tie-dyed mess! How was I to know I’d be in such a predicament? Suffice to say, I haven’t tried the trend since. This spring I’m going for it again, you better believe it! I dare you all to give it a go, white on white on white. Typically I’m an “all black everything” girl, but my pick of the month is an all-white get-up. GO FOR IT, because the world needs more angelic looking humans roaming the streets.

Elizabeth and James
Alexander Wang
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