While packing for my trip last night I realized that my knack for over-packing is a massive hang up. I’ve got ten outfits for five days in New York, and I don’t even see it as being a problem…which is a probably the problem. Who wants to haul a load of luggage around the city?! I’ve done it once before (NYFW Fall 2011 RTW shows) and it was a literal pain in my neck, and my shoulders, and my dainty little wrists. NEVER AGAIN! Generally when I travel I just shove a bunch of random, mismatched, rubbish in a suitcase and pull it together as I go. Not this time. I have my outfits down pat and I’ve got options galore because lord knows the minute I get there I’m going to hate everything I brought, isn’t that just how it goes? Anyway, I’m incredibly excited to be able to share this adventure with everyone… Prepare for Instagram overload (follow us @uglymag/@jruss9 for all the coverage)! Oh, and be sure to check up on our Pinterest page as the best intern in the world, Katie Tingey, keeps up with all of her favorite looks from the runway! Last of all, I leave you with some tunes to get you in the fashion week spirit. If you’re like me, you really love music that suits a particular occasion… These are some of my favorites to have streaming from my headphones as A. I over-pack for the trip B. I’m on my flight attempting to ignore screaming children and the person next to me who always wants to talk C. I’m rushing through the streets in NYC disregarding all street signs and crossing the road when clearly it says not to. Maybe you’ll enjoy these as much as I do… If not, oh well, STAY UGLY, and I’ll see you in New York!

Hôtel Costes Albums

For me, these albums are the epitome of chic music. The album covers say it all. If you're into lounge music, these ones will really get you feeling fashionable even if you're sitting in your sweats in the comfort of your own home. Bada-bing-bada-boom, happy listening.