My editor’s pick for August is a special edition! Seeing as how the bell is about to ring and school will be back in session I thought I’d share some of my necessities for those of you heading back for fall semester. No matter what year of school you’re in, each one of these items is applicable to you and your classmates.
To begin with, you can never go wrong with a classic blazer. During the colder months I find myself wearing one more often than I should admit… It’s great for layering and it's the perfect item to always have in your closet. It can take you from day to night effortlessly. The next item I feel we cannot do without this fall is the beanie. Personally I’ve become a fan of the statement beanies that get everyone staring at you, trying to read what it says on your forehead. I’ll give you fair warning though, if you do not like attention, do not wear these beanies. It could get awkward, trust me... I know. For example, I've got one that says "YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US" and I cannot tell you how many times I had people ask if they could sit with me. Some of them would even get all up in my personal space due to poor eyesight and I often had to back away slowly. Was it worth it? Definitely, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The last two on my list are not completely relevant to your wardrobe, but they are wicked additions. First, I always try and have a good book to read, whether you’re in-between classes, on a lunch break, or just about to hop into bed, there is always time to be enlightened. The book I just finished titled, It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be was given to me as a gift, and upon finishing it I deemed it one of the greatest gifts of all time. Perhaps it was because an entire page was dedicated to Victoria Beckham, my idol, I can't be too sure... Regardless, whenever I mention it to others I’m always overwhelmed with commendation about how much they loved the book and wanted everyone to read it. Now I can say I agree with them in full, get on it! 

Last the best of all the game, I suggest a killer pair of headphones. Even though it’s a total bummer you’re back in school and summer has come to an end, you can’t go wrong when you put your headphones on. I constantly had mine on when I’d stroll from class to class, because listening to my favorite track always had a way of getting me through that next hour or two. At the moment, I’d suggest songs like Tom Ford by Jay Z, It's Over by Beatrice Eli, Always On The Run by Yuksek, Sell It by BRMC, and My World by Iggy Azalea. Go on and take a listen, there's something for everyone! I'd love to know what your necessities are for the next semester of life, school or no school. Whether it be clothing or music, feel free to share with us, and stay Ugly!