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Lately I’ve been dwelling on the days of my fashionable youth… days when my mother would force me to wear things like pleather pants or cardigans with fur collars to my 5th grade class… Faux fur AND leather? Who did she think I was?  Perhaps the worst outfit of all was the turtleneck/overall combo. I recall having a few pairs of velvet overalls and they were many a varied color. I absolutely dreaded going to school in those ensembles; everyone would laugh and question my sanity yet I dealt with it time after time. Faking sick wouldn’t help either, because tomorrow was just another opportunity for a fantastic display of pleather. It did however, get progressively easier to handle. Little did I know at the time, I was probably the most stylish girl in school.

Thanks to my mother those then-outrageous outfits gave me the courage to confidently rock things no one else dared to, throughout the remainder of my school years. She had to have known that this is who I would turn into…I blame (thank) her for my wonder years in pleather because without those moments, I’d probably be wearing… well, the crap you see every ratty haired girl at the mall wearing.

Now, all of this boils down to one thing; my editor’s pick for the month. An article of clothing that caused so much anxiety, even just at the thought for many, many years: OVERALLS. Still to this day there are many that vow to never repeat the terrible trend of the 90’s… but those of us who are willing to break that vow of silence, are doing it and (hopefully) we are doing it well. When paired with the right pieces, this is a trend that can make any of us wonder why we ever put it to rest in the first place. It’s boyish and fun but with the right pair of heels they can easily be taken from day to night. 

Balmain Resort 2014

What are your thoughts on this trend being brought back from the dead? And what did you hate wearing when you were growing up? Spill it below and STAY UGLY!
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